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August 24, 2008

Busy Summer Days…

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A sigh, as I sit here and catch up on the blog… The last of the summer birthday parties came to an end today and now I just have to get caught up with the last week of activities. Cezanne is demanding more and more attention and is really showing great progress. The talking is now really talking as she is putting together 3 and 4 word sentences and we are drumming “Please” and “Thank You” into her with each chance we get. Some days she gets it and we praise and kiss and hug when she asks for something with a “pees, Daddy” and then replies after getting what she asked for with a “tank you Daddy” and no prompting is needed… Other times a little prompting is needed but she gets it.

She is clearly now in full blown boundary pushing mode, at every opportunity she is out to test us and see just how far she can push before we snap. I think the score is much like the medal count at the Olympics… We might look at things as the USA and feel like we are winning, but then we look again and see that Cezanne is China and really when it comes down to it, she wins where it counts. “Silver and Bronze are good colors too and go with so many things” we tell ourselves…

So here are the updates from this last week or so…

August 23, 2008

Owen turns 1 Chloe & Cezanne Run Wild.

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Yet another party, this time Owen turned 1 and we went to a small informal party that had a very small turn out. This was the second or third party already since Owen had a play group party with his mates.

Cezanne and Chloe took over the place and enjoyed every minute of the party. There were a couple of incidents where toys were not well shared, heads got bumped but no biting and no hiting ( for a change ) so we call that a good party !

dsc_7838.jpg dsc_7860.jpg dsc_7870.jpg
Owen, Cezanne & Chloe Cezanne, having fun ? C & C getting silly…
dsc_7872.jpg dsc_7873.jpg dsc_7879.jpg
C & C screaming delight Cezanne, still happy ? C & C having a laugh
dsc_7883.jpg dsc_7918.jpg dsc_7932.jpg
Cezanne expressing joy C & C ride the elephant C & C ride side by side
dsc_7934.jpg dsc_7943.jpg dsc_7953.jpg
Sharing Rides Elephant Trumpets !! Cezanne Trumpets !!!

August 22, 2008

Pretty Dress, Pretty Shoes

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Lanelle loves playing “dress up” with Cezanne. I often wonder who has more fun… Dressed up and ready to shine, our little star had to be photographed…


Lanelle asks that you please notice the shoes…

August 21, 2008

Clark’s Birthday & Tools for Cezanne

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As the last of the birthdays approach, it was the turn of Clark to celebrate turning 2.

It was an informal playgroup party and the kids as always had a ball… Cezanne and Clark had a little “chat” about this one in particular…


After the party it was home for a nap and then play time in the basement with a new tool belt and tool bench Lanelle picked up at the annual Naperville Yard Sale.

Clever Daddy drilled a few holes in the tool bench so that Cezanne could screw and “whack” the screws and nails that were part of the set…


Look out Bob & Wendy, I think you may have some competition…

August 19, 2008

Pudding Painting

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Mommy wanted to try another craft outside today while it is still warm enough to actually be outside. Cezanne loves painting but with the oral fixation that she has it has to be edible paint. Lanelle read about the idea of paining with pudding and just applying some food coloring to the pudding for an array of colors with which to paint. Well this worked really well, until Cezanne try to eat the “paint” and well, at that point is was all over – as you can see…



Pudding Painting Apply Liberally Wonder what it tastes like ? Clean Up ?
puddingpaint-animate.gif puddingpaint2-animate.gif puddingpaint3-animate.gif puddingpaint4-animate.gif
Animation 1 Animation 2 Animation 3 Animation 4

Baking with Mommy

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Cezanne helped Mommy bake Banana Bread this week – Lanelle gave in since the cleaners were coming this week and let Cezanne have her own bowls, sifter and flour. Cezanne really enjoyed it and has mentioned baking with Mommy many time since. So if you can stand the mess, give this a try… The only part that you will hopefully not have to deal with is the part where Cezanne starts eating the dry flour, but then as you now know, Cezanne puts EVERYTHING in her mouth…

dsc_7681.jpg dsc_7685.jpg dsc_7691.jpg
Baking with Mommy is so much fun ! Look at me sift the flour…





I had to taste the flour, it was interesting… Do I have flour on my face ?

August 12, 2008

Garden Play – Penny Passes

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Today Lanelle took Cezanne out into the yard for some outdoor play since she had been inside for too many days and she got to watering the plants and playing on the patio.


In late breaking news the “lucky” penny passed today and has been saved for the memory box. See the offesive penny below !


August 9, 2008

See a Penny…

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How does the saying go ?

See a penny, pick it up, something about all day long you’ll have good luck. Well sure, if your name is not Cezanne and you don’t put the penny in your mouth and then accidentally swallow it !

Yes, it finally happened. Actually quite surprising that it took this long. Cezanne is EXTREMELY oral, EVERYTHING goes in the mouth and I mean EVERYTHING. I am guessing she has super powerful taste buds that tell her more about an object that touch or smell or sight. She will put anything and everything in her mouth and we are very lucky that it has taken this long for this to happen.

We were at Christa & Jannie making borewors and droewors when Cezanne found a penny on the floor and thought it would be very funny to put it in her mouth so that Mommy could not get to it and take it away, well she tripped and swallowed the penny which resulted in Lanelle taking her to the hospital for an X-Ray. Fortunately it did not get stuck and was in her tummy by the time the X-Ray was taken and while we both hoped the trip to the ER would be traumatic for Cezanne so that it would act as the lesson and punishment all in one, turns out they have TVs in the examination rooms playing kids TV ! Cezanne probably though this was a special treat !

Now we get to hand search each diaper for the “lucky” penny…

August 7, 2008

Two Year Visit

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Almost a month and a half after turning 2 we finally got to see the Doctor for the 2 year checkup. Cezanne seems to be doing just fine. We have all the stats and she is growing and getting bigger but is still a tall thin girl. The Doctor is very pleased with her physical and mental development – the fact that she can tumble on her own impressed him. He did ask Cezanne to put on 3 – 4 more pounds before her 3 year visit, we just hope the eating improves else we will have to feed her in her sleep 😉

The vital stats are :Height : 35.5″

Weight : 27lb 2oz

Head : 18.5″

cezannegrowth2year-weight.jpg cezannegrowth2year-length.jpg

Fairy Firemen

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Chloe came to play again today and the girls decided to “dress up” a bit. They found the firemen helmets from Nolan’s party and the fairy wings that Granny and Aunty Jana gave Cezanne. I was working up stairs and was called to take a few photos of the two girls… After a bit of animated discussion between the two girls the firemen helmets were dropped and they engaged in a game of Bob the Builder in which the one with the most machines wins – you can imagine there was almost a riot 😉




Firemen Fairies or Fairy Firemen ? The famous Cezanne Smile



Where fairies come from. Cezann, Muck & Rolly
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