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July 30, 2008

Recovering… Fairy Style

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Cezanne has been really sick the last week now and when we say really sick we mean the child that never sits still just wants to sit and watch TV or lie / cuddle with either Mommy or Daddy. The moaning has also driven us both nuts – this is our one weakness we have found – but it does seem to be getting better, the fever has broken and the breathing has improved, the nose is now starting to run but I think that is the sign that it is leaving the body. Cezanne had a couple of restless nights which lead to her having days where she was just a lump… This illness also affected our weekend, no swimming and no Shrek party – which was a shame, but there will be other parties to go to.

Today was the first day where she actually showed signs of wanting to play and with the bouncy castle setup in the basement this is where she burns off her excess energy.

Granny sent Cezanne a set of fairy wings and a beautiful fairy skirt which she tried on today. At bath time this evening it was a fight to get the skirt off and I had to promise that she could wear it again tomorrow…

dsc_7421.jpg dsc_7437.jpg dsc_7439.jpg
Pretty Fairy Hello Daddy
dsc_7443.jpg dsc_7452.jpg dsc_7454.jpg
Smile Cezanne Laugh at Daddy Rainbow Fairy

July 24, 2008

Erin & Noah Turn Two Too

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This week we had a double header playgroup / birthday party for Erin & Noah. Here are some of the photos Lanelle took during the madness that is a 2 year old birthday party…

img_0481.jpg img_0484.jpg   img_0485.jpg
Kids have a snack Happy Birthday Noah ! Happy Birthday Erin !
Cezanne & Remote Control

July 20, 2008

Nolan’s Party & Sunday Dress

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This weekend was Nolan’s Fireman Party and swimming, so we went swimming and then made a mad dash across town to Nolan’s party where Cezanne promptly threw up (again). Clearly she has motion sickness issues that we will have to talk to the doctor about when we see him for her 2 year appointment. It has to be motion sickness because once she has thrown up she is back to her self in minutes…

Sunday we made it to church and Cezanne wore this pretty white dress and posed for me.

Lanelle begged me to do the scrapblog thing below the photos, let us know if you like it… We only made one page and saved it as an image rather than include the slideshow, it was pretty easy to do and turned out ok…

Enjoy !

img_0446.jpg img_0448.jpg

img_0461.jpg sillycezanne20080720_page_0.jpg

July 8, 2008

Party for Three

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It was time to celebrate and this time for Three… Our good friends, which we refer to as the Triplets, celebrated their 2nd birthday at the My Gym and it was awesome !!

Brandon, Mitchel & Tatum had their party on Tuesday night and although Cezanne threw up her lunch / afternoon snack just as we arrived, she recovered very well and got into  the swing of things very quickly ! So you will notice if you pay attention that Cezanne is not dressed in a pretty party dress, and now you know why…

dsc_7026.jpg dsc_7045.jpg dsc_7046.jpg
Show those muscles… Clap the hands… Pump the arms…
dsc_7053.jpg dsc_7054.jpg dsc_7055.jpg
Singing & Dancing Clap, Clap, Clap Happy Birthday !!
dsc_7062.jpg dsc_7063.jpg dsc_7066.jpg dsc_7067.jpg
Roll It More Dancing Chloe, Brandon & Cezanne
dsc_7133.jpg dsc_7136.jpg dsc_7230.jpg dsc_7255.jpg
Cezanne rides Shamu 4 little monkeys… Wow ! Catching Bubbles

July 4, 2008

4th of July Picnic

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Finally, a moment to update blog…

For the 4th of July we decided to go have a picnic with Chloe and the Triplets in the Childrens Garden at the Mortem Arboretum. Having seen how nice it was with Callum’s Party we thought it would make a nice venue.

The kids playing under the picnic shelter…
Cezanne & Daddy in the Frog Pond.
Cezanne in the water, again !

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