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June 30, 2008

Me & Dolly Match

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A while back Cezanne got a dress that came with a matching doll dress but she has not had a doll big enough that it could wear the dress and honestly we really did not think she was into dolls yet. Her birthday proved us wrong as she got 2 dolls and one of them is a perfect fit for the dress.

Here are Cezanne and Dolly, getting dressed to go “shopping”.

dsc_6990.jpg dsc_6995.jpg dsc_6999.jpg dsc_7001.jpg
Cezanne & Dolly in matching dresses, ready to go shopping

June 28, 2008

Mommy Birthday – Hayley Party

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Saturday and it was Lanelle’s birthday which we celebrated by going to Hayley’s birthday party…

Hayley we met at church and she shares Cezanne’s birthday – what a coincidence !

The party was held in a local forest preserve and while the rain put a bit of a damper on things, we all stuck it out and had a good time. The kids ran around and enjoy the open space while the adults got time to chat while taking turns chasing / herding the kids.

img_0310.jpg img_0315.jpg img_0333.jpg
“all fall down !” Cezanne & Chloe fight over
a couple of beach balls
All the kids and cake
img_0343.jpg img_0350.jpg img_0367.jpg
All the tots out to play Cezanne chases down a ball Cezanne & Hayley chat
img_0380.jpg img_0385.jpg img_0390.jpg
Mitchel, Tatum & Hayley check
out the bubble machine
Cezanne plays balance ball Hayley & Cezanne relax at
the end of a long hard party

June 27, 2008

Callum is One

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We were invited to Callum Sizer’s first birthday party at the Morton Arboretum Children’s Garden. It was wonderful to have another party out with other kids, cake and general “Happy Happy”. There was an activity – we painted a ceramic pot, did a scavenger hunt and then planted some seeds in out pot to take home !! We will let you know if the beans grow or now 😉

img_0282.jpg img_0291.jpg img_0292.jpg img_0300.jpg
Mommy & Cezanne Running w/ James Twirling w/ James Blowing the Candle

June 22, 2008

Dancing Zoo Train – Toot Toot – All Aboard !

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Since we spoil Cezanne, we figured we could not stop the celebration and so Sunday morning we planned a quick trip to a local zoo. Cezanne loves music, singing and dancing and loves to turn on the clock/radio next to my bed and then dance like a maniac. This morning was no different but since she was dress in such a pretty dress we took some photos.

dsc_6965a.jpg dsc_6986.jpg
Cezanne – Dancing Queen !

Once we were all dressed we were off to the Cosley Zoo, a free zoo with a bunch of farmyard and other animals.

Cezanne had a blast ! She loves animals and seems keen to learn the names and sounds they all make…

img_0196.jpg img_0203.jpg img_0205.jpg
Mommy & Cezanne Look ! Ducky ! The goat that tried
to eat Cezanne’s dress
img_0211.jpg img_0225.jpg img_0230.jpg
Sheeeeeeps ! Hi Mommy ! Daddy Horse, Baby Horse
img_0241.jpg img_0243.jpg img_0252.jpg
Cezanne drives the train All Aboard ! Lunch with Mommy !

June 21, 2008

The Party

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We over do everything as so again with the great 2nd Birthday Party… We figured that last year the kids were really too small to enjoy many of the play areas we set up and so we thought we would just reuse them again and add a few more fun things to do… Lanelle and I bought Cezanne a bouncy castle for her birthday and so that was going out in the back yard along with her slide, water table, 2 spray mats, the ball pit and the basketball hoop. We planned it all and had everything figured out, even a plan B in case of rain…

The morning of the party the weather really looked bad and while I was out collecting the last few food items for the party it started to rain with lots of thunder and lightning. We thought for sure we would need to move the whole party inside… With less that 30 minutes to launch we rain stopped and the sky cleared. We made a decision to stick with the outside party but had already moved the food inside and that was where it would stay. I just got the bouncy castle setup when the first guests arrived and we put them to work drying off chairs and helping with a few last minute items ( let that be a lesson to guests who want to show up early to our events !! )

The rest of the party was a lot of fun, more fun than last year because I was at least able to enjoy some of it while Lanelle spent most of the time inside with the food and some of the guests. Cezanne had a wonderful time with so many friends to play with.

Here are a few photos from the party and thanks to Gillian who agreed to take some for us just in case we missed anything !

Thank you to all who made it and for all the gifts your brought Cezanne, she was truly spoilt.

dsc_6819.jpg dsc_6828.jpg img_7435.jpg img_7447.jpg
Fun in the Ball Pit Erin, Cezanne & Rhiannon Bouncy Castle Trio Splash Mat Ball
img_7471.jpg img_7499.jpg dsc_6898.jpg img_7554.jpg
Ring-A-Rosie Bounce Scoops at the Water Table Blowing Happy Candle Mischief x 2
partyanimation.gif dsc_6902.jpg
Party Photos Animation Are these all for me ??

June 20, 2008

Cezanne Turns Two

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Happy Birthday Cezanne. Today you are 2 years old !

A Friday is always a good day to celebrate your birthday on since you have the whole weekend to party and that is just what we did !

We had been talking to Cezanne all week about it being her birthday on Friday and that it would involve what she refers to as “Happy Cake” and presents. Not sure where she picked this all up from but she was well aware of what a birthday involves.

Not only was it her birthday, but it was our turn to host playgroup so Chloe, Tatum, Brandon & Mitchel all showed up to help celebrate the birthday and Aunty Daleen brought “Happy Cake” for all !!

dsc_6675.jpg dsc_6680.jpg dsc_6731.jpg
A card from Granny Opening Gifts ! From Mommy & Daddy
dsc_6695.jpg dsc_6698.jpg dsc_6700.jpg dsc_6788.jpg dsc_6792.jpg
All my Fifi stuff from Aunty Ruth, Uncle Keith & Zack,I love Fifi !!! My Fifi backpack ! Ruth Rocks !!
dsc_6749.jpg dsc_6782.jpg dsc_6799.jpg
Sharing my birthday ! Some alone time. Blowing Candles is fun !

June 19, 2008


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Here I sit, the night before Cezanne turns 2 and I feel like a train has run over me.

Why ? Well the past couple of weekends and the last few evenings we have been out in the garden trying to get it ready for the backyard bonanza that is to be Cezanne’s 2nd Birthday Party.

19 kids, with parents, siblings and extras brings us to a total of 45 guests.

Last year we had helpers ( Thanks Mom & Dad ) but this year we are on our own.

We do have a mini party for Cezanne tomorrow – her South African playgroup is coming to play again and we will have some of the fun activities setup for them to enjoy.

All we can do now is hope for good weather and enough time to finish everything that still needs to be done !

I am sure it will all be worth it in the end…

June 18, 2008

Look Daddy, Poopies !

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This morning was one of those that leave their mark on you…

Lanelle and I were lying in bed, slowly leaving the comfort of sleep and heading into another day in the life of… when we started hearing Cezanne repeat “Look Daddy, Poopies !”

With 2 previous morning diaper removal efforts to her credit we took this as a serious claim. Lanelle bravely went in but soon called for backup.

There was in deed a Poopie in the diaper, the diaper however was no longer attached to Cezanne’s mid section…

I will save you from the graffic details, but will state that Cezanne did receive a very VERY stern talking to by her mother once everything had been cleaned and disinfected.

Cezanne you have to learn – do not mess with Mommy first thing in the morning !!

This “event” resulted in a new rule being added to the list, we now have 4 rules :

  1. No Hitting
  2. No Biting
  3. No Spitting
  4. No taking off the diaper

June 10, 2008

Ballet – What more can I say ?

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Cezanne starts Ballet classes on Thursday and we decided we better try out the dressing in the Ballet outfit just in case…

Do you think she likes it ??


All I want to know is where did my little toddler go, this is a little girl…

June 8, 2008

Garden Splish Splash

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After the Bounce Town Birthday Party and a nap it was just so hot that we had to cool down again and this time Mommy was extra smart and remembered the sprinkler mats from Cezanne’s Birthday Party last year. We set one up on the lawn and Cezanne had a wonderful time eating iceies (again) and sliding and slashing in the cool water !



1, 2, 3, Slide ! Another “Hello Mommy” Ride the Dolphin !
dsc_6581.jpg   dsc_6599.jpg
Oooh Ready Steady Go   Cool & Wet Cezanne
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