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May 31, 2008

Iceies in the Garden

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We had great weekend weather. Hot and Sunny so we played outside as much as possible. We had a late afternoon treat – iceies ( ice lollies ) on the wall with Daddy. Cezanne has loved ice from the beginning and these are colorful and sweet so they are just the best ! I especially love the “Hello Mama” picture that Lanelle took. Also please note the garden in the background, all our back-breaking work is paying off, this year our lilacs are blooming and it is a wonderful reward for all our hard work…

img_0094.jpg img_0095.jpg img_0096.jpg img_0099.jpg
mmm, yum ! Hello Mama ! Carefully… Open Wide !

May 29, 2008

Updates with Photos

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I discovered today that I had a couple of photos from the last few weeks on the camera and just never posted them so please go back to the beginning of May and have a look at the new postings between the older material. The photos are your reward 🙂

Today we wore our new T-Shirt from Granny. Thanks ! Cezanne has also developed a fascination with watches. Lanelle has a couple of old watches that need new batteries and they have been lying in my study until I get a chance to get new ones and every-time Cezanne sees them she wants to play with them and try them on. Well today I found an old cereal box toy that put a smile on her face that lasted most of the day. She wore the watch all morning long even right through day care at Mommy’s bible study. This in itself is major considering this child takes off her shoes any chance she gets. I am amazed she wore the watch as long as she did. They are so easy to please some times…

dsc_6538.jpg dsc_6543.jpg
New T-Shirt My Piggy Watch !

May 21, 2008

23 Months – Is that all…

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Here I sit, 12:10am, exhausted but determined to get a posting in to mark the last time I guess we will measure Cezanne’s age in months… From here on she will be ‘almost 2’ or just TWO !

This last week has been a busy one, but let me just recap from the weekend…

Saturday we went swimming. As you may know, Cezanne loves swimming, but recently has not been enjoying it as much and has done a fair bit of crying and screaming during both the Saturday and Monday classes that she goes to. Lanelle and I have pushed her through and comforted her but I think we reached breaking point on Saturday. We arrived early so Cezanne and I could warm up and get comfortable before the class started. We sat on the edge and got our toes wet and then Cezanne informed me that she had to “poopeepayay” so off we went and of course it was a false alarm. This took up all the warm up time and class had started by the time we got back to the pool. As soon as we got into the pool Cezanne had a nuclear meltdown ! I have never seen her scream like this – it was hysterical ( not funny ) and frantic – as if I were pouring boiling hot lava over her. I tried my best to calm her down but she just dug her claws in and refused to let go. I could see that I was not going to get this cat to swim so we left. We are officially “Aw Dun” with the swimming on Saturdays.

Saturday did get better, we offered to babysit for Daleen & Werner ( Chloe’s parents ) so they could go to a work function which started early. Chloe arrived just before dinner time so we got to play one of Cezanne’s new favorites – playdough ! Then we spent some time in the basement before the competitive eating  event started. Chloe is 6 months younger than Cezanne but put her to shame although Cezanne did eat well it was nothing like the eating machine that is Chloe !

We took a few photos and some video clips of the girls in the basement and will post them soon. After the two finished dinner it was bath time where Cezanne decided she had to sit on Chloe in the bath. Lanelle took Chloe while I took Cezanne and we washed and rinsed and went through the motions. Normally we put Cezanne in the bath and she plays and we have to ask really nicely if we can wash her and if we can rinse her and if she will stand so we can get in under her… Chloe kept looking at Lanelle and eventually picked up the wash cloth and handed it to her with a look on her face as if to say ‘Hey, lady, are you gonna bath me or what ?’ So Lanelle washed and rinsed and then let Chloe play, but by this time Chloe was all ready to get out. We have to let all the water run out of the bath and then get in if we want to stand any chance of getting Cezanne out of the bath… I guess each kid is different 🙂

Sunday was church again and Cezanne is now at home with the childcare – we are so proud of her. She walks herself in and settles down quickly.

…and so the party planning starts. Don’t ask me about it, I am staying as far away from it as possible ! Where are all the helpers we had last year ??

May 16, 2008

Girls Go “Bounce Bounce Bounce”

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After the cruise we decided we needed a little ultra compact camera to take along with us when the DSLR is just not welcome or would otherwise be in the way or stand a chance of getting damaged. I decided on the Canon SD 890 IS and here are some of the first pictures that Lanelle took with it at playgroup. We are still getting to know the camera so forgive the occasional out of focus photo while we figure it out.

There we 4 girls and only the 2 boys at playgroup this week. Poor Mitchel and Brandon must have felt overwhelmed by Cezanne, Chloe, Tatum and Hailey.

The girls discovered the ball pit and Cezanne and Tatum started by sitting on the side and jumping up and down and screaming “Bounce Bounce Bounce”. It was not long before the other girls joined in. The 2 boys stayed far from all this trouble, they show signs of great intelligence !

img_0009.jpg img_0016.jpg img_0030.jpg
Chewing on something Cezanne on a High Bounce Bounce Bounce
img_0034.jpg img_0040.jpg img_0042.jpg
Weeee ! Oh what fun ! Hailey, Chloe,
Tatum & Cezanne

May 15, 2008

All Better

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The HF&M disease has cleared up and Cezanne is back to normal – that is a relative concept though…

News of late

  • I have been wanting to update her word list but just can not keep up – she is on a roll now and each day she learns new words and is trying really hard to repeat what we say.
  • One of the best phrases she uses is “poopeepayay” which translated means “poopee on the potty”. To us it sounds like some exotic tropical fruit !
  • Cezanne is working on her “please” and “thank you” and is doing really well.
  • When needed we are enforcing the apology – “say sorry”, this has been working some of the time…
  • Singing is getting better still with more words and staying even more true to the tune.
  • Loves playing outside and will use any excuse to get out and play on the slide or with her sand table.

May 11, 2008

Pasta Pictures !

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Lanelle decided that it was time for an activity today and came up with the idea of doing Pasta Pictures with Cezanne. I was working but it sounded like they were having a lot of fun so I stopped to take a few pictures… Now when Cezanne sees her art she say “Look Daddy, Pasta Picture”

dsc_6522.jpg dsc_6524.jpg dsc_6529.jpg
First some glue, then some pasta, and the final product !

May 7, 2008

Infected: Hand, Foot & Mouth !

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Cezanne has contracted Hand, Foot & Mouth disease from a friend who got it from another friend who got it from a child we are not going to mention !

I know getting sick is part of being a child, but when parents know their kid is sick, lock them in the isolation chamber and do not let them out until they are all better !!

Anyway, the first thing Cezanne said me be this morning when I went to fetch her was “Eina (ouch), mouth” and then asked me to use the flashlight to look in side. She stuck her tounge out so nicely it was easy to see the small white sores that had formed…

She has been a little under the weather today but really is in good spirits despite the infection. We hope it passes quickly !

May 4, 2008

Can Drive Can’t Steer

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Yes, we spoil our child. We bought Cezanne a car. She is not even 2 and she has her own car. Why, I have no idea. I just hope her sense of direction gets better since at this stage she will go where life takes her rather than blazing her own trail…

dsc_6509.jpg dsc_6508.jpg
The Dismount Driving Miss Cezanne

May 1, 2008

Plays Games w/ Crib Friends at Dawn

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This morning Cezanne decided to sleep in and so I got up and made the long commute downstairs to start my day. A short while later Lanelle called me to come and see, Cezanne had decided to play a new game in her crib. She had found that the end of her crib was smooth and curved and worked perfectly as a slide for her crib friends. When I arrived she was helping the princess slide and with each slide she made a delightful “weeee” sound. Eventually the princess slid right off the “slide” and ended up on the floor so Cezanne move to the next friend in line which I think was Noddy. Noddy got to slide and his slides were also accompanied by a loud “weeee”. Next the lion, the sheep and even the octopus got a turn to slide “weeee” down the decorative curve at the end of her crib. I tried to capture this on video but Cezanne wants to be a director ( behind the camera ) rather than an actress but she sure does like to see herself on the camera after the shot… I will post it but not quite what I describe above.

Today was a grand day – Mommy took Cezanne to the park after breakfast and then assembled the new outside table and stools and got some playdough out for a playdough party on the deck. Later we had a braai and Cezanne got to play with new sand in her sand table. I was glad to see she seemed less inclined to eat the sand than before – now that is what I call progress…





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