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March 31, 2008

2008 First Quarter Photos

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I have yet again updated the main website with all the photos from January, February & March of 2008.

As you will see, we get up to nothing else – it is all Cezanne !

Enjoy the link to the main page : http://www.lambertsatlarge.com/

Or direct links to January, February & March.

March 25, 2008

Shark Attack at Swim Class

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The photos show the damage done by a fellow swimmer at Cezanne’s swim class this morning. I should get Lanelle to fill in the details of the attack but for now, some sympathy photos of our poor little fishy and her bite marks…

The mother and child responsible have been ejected from the class and may never take another class at this facility again.

dsc_6135.jpg dsc_6142.jpg
Cezanne – Bitten & Bruised

March 23, 2008

Easter Basket Surprise

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One strange thing to me is the idea of making an Easter basket – I am all for the egg hunt ( weather permitting ) – but the Easter basket I just do not get, maybe its a guy thing… Anyway, Lanelle made Cezanne an Easter basket and filled it with all sorts of silly little goodies for Easter. Well if you saw the Christmas photos then these will not be new to you… Cezanne loved her Easter basket / bag !

dsc_6090.jpg dsc_6095.jpg dsc_6096.jpg dsc_6100.jpg
For me ?  Oh a book !  I love books ! A Shrek Puzzle
dsc_6106.jpg dsc_6109.jpg dsc_6118.jpg dsc_6123.jpg dsc_6129.jpg
Swing ! Follow Through Oh what fun ! Any more ? Bunny Ears

March 20, 2008

3 Months to 2 – Cezanne is 21 months !

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…and so another month passes and Cezanne is now only 3 months from completing her second year on planet earth, although somedays I really have to wonder if she is a full time resident… We often find her off in her own little world or far away on another planet all together 🙂

The little darling is now singing more and more and we have tried to capture this on video but being the performer that she is she wants to see her performances and so it is a constant stuggle to get her to perform for the camera and show her what she looks like.

Lets hope this is “just a phase” 🙂

Spring has not been seen yet, we hope she comes soon. Cezanne can not wait to play outside again !

March 15, 2008

Dumb Parents

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We just had to admit this to ourselves today when Cezanne tried really hard to tell us something, the story goes…

We had just finished breakfast, or lunch, I forget which, but I had put out seed for the birds in the feeder which is just off the deck and close enough so that Cezanne can see the birds when they come to the feeder. We had been telling her all about the birds and asking her if she could see the birds and encouraging her to respond.

After thinking about it and checking them out for a while she stared responding but her response and our interpretation of the response was not quite the same. We have taught her a few signs to help with the communication, one of the signs, the sign for cat to be precise, involves putting your fingers near your mouth and pulling on your whiskers ( if you actually were a cat and had whiskers ). Another similar sign involves tapping your finger tips near your mouth to represent eating.

Cezanne was talking up a storm, not really saying anything we could understand, but repeating herself and then started using her signs, she made the sign for cat, or at least that was our interpretation – we looked for the cat but saw nothing – so we asked her were the cat was and what the cat was doing. She went on about this “cat” and the birds, making the sign for birds (tapping thumb & forefinger together as if a bird). After this went on for a while the translation finally kicked in and we realized what she was telling us, there was no cat, the birds were eating !

What a bunch of idiots we are – Cezanne, good luck, we are all you got !

March 8, 2008

Easter Bunny Photo Shoot

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With Easter around the corner it was again time for Louise and John to host their annual / seasonal event. A photographer, somebody dressed for the season, a backdrop and a ton of kids, all a little older, a little louder and a lot more on the go.

As with Christmas and Santa, Cezanne did not respond well to the Easter bunny, so there are really no good shots of her with the big white fuzzy guy. It seems the kids are either totally crazy about the Easter bunny and end up following him around and just want to hug him, or they are terrified of him and burst into tears… We have a “burst into tears” type of kid…

dsc_3366.jpg dsc_3375.jpg dsc_3374.jpg dsc_3371.jpg
Easter Basket Eggs in Hand Double Egg Toss The easter family photo

Besides the photo shoot with the Easter bunny, there was other fun to be had…

dsc_5981.jpg dsc_6009.jpg dsc_6011.jpg dsc_6032.jpg
Kitchen Queen Easter Bunny Phobia Swapping eggs with Kaden
dsc_6055.jpg dsc_6056.jpg dsc_6069.jpg dsc_6077.jpg
Cezanne on the train again ! Bounce House ! A ride with Abby

March 6, 2008

Basement Play

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Cezanne loves her art station and can now draw and paint any time she wants to !

dsc_5970.jpg dsc_5980.jpg

March 1, 2008

Painting Palooza !!

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Cezanne has the coolest Dad in the world, just look at the art station that Mommy designed (with reality checks from Daddy) and Daddy built.

I love painting, actually I love anything art related – drawing, painting – the messier the better !

dsc_5956.jpg dsc_5958.jpg dsc_5964.jpg
I love to paint ! I do double brush and finger painting !


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Ouma sent me a pair of stokies (the blue things on my feet) a long time ago, they now finally fit.


Thanks Ouma !

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