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February 26, 2008

Snow Day

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We got more snow – then a “warm” day so we thought we would try some outside play for a change. If you remember we did try this once before this winter with limited success – scratch that – anyway, this was a bit more fun for all involved. We tried the sled again but our little hill is just not steep enough so Dad had to pull the sled around the yard. We took some video of this and will post that at some point.

Our next activity was building a snowman, with each handful of snow that Dad put on the pile, Cezanne took one off. Not what I would call a team effort. See the photos below for all the fun of yet another snow day in Chicago.

dsc_5924.jpg dsc_5928.jpg
Snow play in snow suit. Snowman production
Cezanne eats the snow !

February 24, 2008

Puzzle Master

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Cezanne has mastered puzzles for kids 3+ years in age. We got a set of beautiful wood puzzles from Gillian & Regan for her first birthday and wondered why they gave us a gift that was clearly too advanced for her at the time. Gillian then mentioned that Rhiannon started solving these around the same age and sure enough, Cezanne is now able to solve / build all the puzzles – it was more a case of overcoming the lack of patience to turn the pieces so they fit in the spot than what it was identifying the correct piece for the appropriate spot… She may be smart but certainly is without any patience… Wonder why ???

February 20, 2008

Twenty Months – Is that all ?

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Yet another milestone today as we reach the 20 month mark. It is really hard to imagine life without Cezanne, no wait, is it really all that hard ? What did we do with all our free time ? Oh how we miss “the good life” as a couple, just a couple, but then we think of all the joy / pain we would be missing out on – hard to really say which one wins 🙂

We love our little girl and we are oh so grateful for all the love and joy she brings us.

Thanks you Cezanne for 20 wonderfully colorful months. You make our lives something special !

February 14, 2008

Dinner Date

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We managed to squeeze in a Dinner Date with Gavin & Christina while out in California and while we never took any pictures, you have to check out the two photos Gavin posted on Aiden’s blog (Copied below). Cezanne and Aiden took a bath together before bedtime and after bath it was time to dry off and get dressed. Cezanne really enjoyed having a bath buddy both at Grant’s house and now here at Aiden’s. Not so sure either of the boys were so pleased to have to share their baths or bath toys, but what choice did they have.

Cezanne did say thanks though…


February 10, 2008

More Pizza Party

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Here are some more photos from the Pizza Party.

dsc_5789.jpg dsc_5790.jpg
Had the camera on the wrong setting
Warning: Large Files = Slow to Open
dsc_5811.jpg dsc_5877.jpg dsc_5886.jpg
Piano with Aiden Piano Solo ? Piano Party !
dsc_5866.jpg dsc_5867.jpg
Story time with Uncle Gavin
dsc_5908.jpg dsc_5910.jpg dsc_5909.jpg
Hugs Hugs Hugs

Pizza Piano Party Pandemonium

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Piano Playing from the Pizza Party in Fremont/Union City, CA

Comments below, need I say more 😉

Cezanne Plays Piano
The Piano Trio – Grant, Cezanne & Aiden

Outside Play in Winter ?

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Where else but in California ( and maybe most of the southern states… ) could the kids play outside during winter ? Well they loved it – Cezanne especially, she has not be able to play outside for over 4 months now. This was just what she needed ! Gus and I were out getting dinner for our “pizza party” so these were taken by Lanelle, don’t ask how, but the camera was in some funky setting so the photos are all quite dark and grainy – sorry about that – please blame the camera…

dsc_5787.jpg dsc_5776.jpg
On my John Deere Bubble Fun with the Boys !
dsc_5773.jpg dsc_5772.jpg
Cezanne Sepia 1 Cezanne Sepia 2

Feeding Ducks – Lake Elizabeth

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The Svendsen & Lambert Trios went to Lake Elizabeth ( oh the memories ) to feed the ducks. Erin brought along an old loaf of bread and Gus and I tried to keep the kids out of the lake 🙂

Both kids seemed a little unsure of what we were doing until Gus threw the first few pieces of bread in the lake and the swarm of birds appeared (yes, I know a group of birds is called a flock, but these acted more like bees than birds, in fact as it turns out a group of ducks is called a paddling of ducks, a raft of ducks, a team of ducks, or a dopping of ducks according to about.com) Anyway, the kids did have fun, Cezanne was enjoying it so much that when she saw she was almost out of bread she began biting the bread she did have into tiny pieces so as to have more to feed with.

As it turns out – feeding the birds was not allowed – so we wrapped it up and headed home 🙁

dsc_5708.jpg dsc_5727.jpg dsc_5730.jpg
Hugs at the lake ! Cezanne Feeding Ducks

dsc_5742.jpg dsc_5764.jpg
Testing the Bread Cezanne Aunty Erin & Cezanne

February 9, 2008

California Sunshine Swinging

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We finally go away from the cold of Chicago and escaped back to the bay area and our old stomping grounds. It was part business, part leisure and we made the most of it and the awesome weather that met us as soon as we arrived. We had packed for cool Californian winter but had to buy some cooler clothes because we had days with highs in the upper 70F ! Wonderful ! Oh we would love to move back if we could !

We arranged to stay with Gus & Erin Svendsen, good friends from the good old days. It was wonderful to see them again and the kids ( their son Grant is about 2 months older than Cezanne ) had a blast. It took Cezanne a whole 3 minutes to warm up to Grant and the new environment and all his cool new toys. We are so lucky to have such a “social butterfly”, I am sure we will regret this in time…

We took the kids to a park near the Svendsen home where the two little ones played their hearts out. I took over 150 photos of them but post only a select few of the very best – I am a sucker for taking photos of kids – if only I could quit my real job and just do that – what a dream !

One great development from the trip to the park is that Cezanne seems to have overcome her fear, or rather terror, of swings. I put her in and another little boy was swinging beside her and she did not freak out as she has done in the past. Then later, Gus put her in the swing and actually pushed her and she loved it – just see for yourself. She even asked for “more more more” between each swing ! Who is this kid ? It seems that all they need is a little variety and change does seem to be a good thing for them 🙂

dsc_5561.JPG dsc_5562.JPG dsc_5573.JPG dsc_5581.JPG
Park Play Fun ! Grant Svendsen About to Slide Gus & Grant
dsc_5592.JPG dsc_5598.JPG dsc_5659.JPG dsc_5661.JPG
Giggling Tunnel Who’s so Funny More Please ! Pair of Swingers
More More More
dsc_5646.JPG dsc_5649.JPG dsc_5652.JPG dsc_5654.JPG dsc_5655.JPG
I just can not believe that Cezanne enjoyed the swinging this much ! Now that is JOY

Apple Dance – California – Feb 2008

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At home with Grant Svendsen, one of Cezanne’s new best friends from California. He got his apple snack and Cezanne just had to have one for herself. She had never before tried a whole apple, but if Grant could do it then so could she. Here the two dance around each other while eating their apples.

dsc_5691.JPG dsc_5693.JPG dsc_5699.JPG
Apple to Go ! Grant’s Apple Mmm ! Sticky…
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