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January 31, 2008

Winter Playgroup

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We had another playgroup at our house this week and were lucky to see most of the kids. Tommy, Erin, Kaden, Katelyn and James did not make it, but “the regulars” all made an appearance and by the looks of it, seem to have had a good time.

Here are the photos of the kids at play in the basement – which is still the best investment we have made !

dsc_5496.jpg dsc_5497.jpg dsc_5498.jpg
Noah is too cool ! Handsome Bears Fan Nolan and Mom, Rebecca
dsc_5501.jpg dsc_5507.jpg dsc_5509.jpg
Sweet little Abby Clark + Ball = Happy Nolan with those eye…
dsc_5511.jpg dsc_5514.jpg dsc_5518.jpg
Trouble Brewing ! Again, adorable Abby Still got that ball !
dsc_5519.jpg dsc_5521.jpg dsc_5524.jpg
I spy, Nolan’s Nose ! Three’s Company Knock Knock !!
dsc_5528.jpg dsc_5534.jpg
Abby rides the train What’s up Clark ?

January 27, 2008

More Pony Tails

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Again with the Pony Tails ! This time they survived a little longer. Lanelle got smart and found special rubber bands that don’t pull hair and can not be pulled out !

dsc_5474.jpg dsc_5476.jpg dsc_5478.jpg
A view from the back… Little pony tail piper What are these ??

January 26, 2008

Chloe’s 1st Birthday Party !

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Cezanne has a little friend, Chloe, that lives around the corner and so they get to play together quite often. In the beginning the 6 month gap was a lot but now they really get along very well and have lots of fun together. Just the other day Chloe’s mother, Daleen, was telling Lanelle how one of Chloe’s older friends had taught her all sorts of naughty things, like standing on things and climbing into and onto things that she should not… All part of the joy, right ?

Anyway, we went to the little party which was a lot of fun despite the terrible weather !

dsc_5314.jpg dsc_5343.jpg dsc_5348.jpg
Kids: Brandon, Tatum, Mitchell, Chloe & Cezanne Seated: Brigitte & Daleen Cezanne blows the party favor Brandon & Mitchell play with the party balloons
dsc_5361.jpg dsc_5380.jpg dsc_5381.jpg
Chloe, its time for cake ! Loubser Three Cezanne & Chloe share
dsc_5394.jpg dsc_5417.jpg dsc_5427.jpg
No it’s not a ‘time out’,this is actually Cezanne playing ‘peek a boo’ Getting up to more mischief ! A measure of head ?
dsc_5434.jpg dsc_5455.jpg dsc_5467.jpg
Chloe looks very happy ! Is anybody watching ? Twins are hard work !

January 23, 2008

Pony Tails

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Growing up happens so quickly and I was really shocked this week when Lanelle did Cezanne’s hair – it made her look like a little girl and not the little toddler that I am used to. I was not happy about it and wanted her to take them out – I hate seeing the time fly by so quickly…

Cezanne is not really fond of things on her head or in her hair so these did not last long, about the 3 minutes I had to take a few photos and then they were pulled out.

dsc_5270.jpg dsc_5275.jpg

January 20, 2008

Rhiannon’s Bounce Town Birthday Party

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On Sunday we went to a birthday party for Rhiannon who turned 3. The party was at Bounce Town, an indoor inflatable fun park with lots of bouncy castles and slides and rides. We ran a little late but just as well since Cezanne was still a little small for the wild fun that the older kids had. Dad had to go on most of the “rides” with Cezanne.

dsc_5232.jpg dsc_5234.jpg
Sliding with Daddy Sliding Solo
dsc_5242.jpg dsc_5248.jpg
What Excitement ! Playing in the bus
dsc_5251.jpg dsc_5261.jpg dsc_5266.jpg
All the kids Sitting with Lily Lunch with Daddy

Bath Art

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Daleen gave Cezanne bath crayons and an Elmo for her birthday back in June, we put it aside until now and as you can see it is a great hit ! She loves it and just so you all know, Elmo has to sit and watch her “draw draw” (pronounced “drou”). Getting her out of the bath was always a bit of a challenge, now I have to let all the water run out before she even notices that bath time is over !



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Tonight Cezanne mastered the art of the double… A peepee followed by a poopee all at once, well sort of…

Trust me this was a little special, I put her on the Dora seat and then we read a book and as soon as we were not thinking about it, we made a peepee… The poopee took a slightly different “strategy”, I won’t say more than that – but we did get something we have classified as a successful potty transaction.

After the deed was done we know we need to wipe, and we even wave bye bye as we flush…

Just be glad we did not include photos 😉

Those of you who have “been there and done that” know what a big deal this is, those who still have this to look forward to will understand in time…

As a parent you have to take pleasure in the little things…

January 18, 2008

#2 on the big seat !

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I was not quite sure what title to give this posting and I am sure none of you want to see any pictures, but I did want to mark the date that last night before her bath, Cezanne sat on the big potty ( the actual toilet ) on her Dora seat and made a poopee !!

Yeah, progress !

January 12, 2008

Elmo Party

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Over the weekend we went to our second 2 year old birthday party, this time it was Michael’s party and the theme was Elmo.

Michael’s Mom, Louise is the sister of Sherry who is Katelyn’s Mom and Katelyn is Cezanne’s age and they met at cradle talk way back when they were still very “fresh”.

The party was a lot of fun and there was so much to see and do – there were new friends and old friend and cake !

If the house where the party was held looks familiar know that you are correct, we have been to a couple of really great parties at the Klinger home. Thanks Louise & John !

dsc_5016.jpg dsc_5023.jpg dsc_5020.jpg dsc_4995.jpg dsc_5005.jpg
Chip Eater Katelyn Kaden Michael (BDay) My life is fun !
dsc_5070.jpg dsc_5035.jpg
C A K E ! One of his girlfriends…
dsc_5079.jpg dsc_5078.jpg dsc_5076.jpg
A bite for you my dear, and a bite for you… Open wide…
dsc_5092.jpg dsc_5090.jpg
Cezanne & Cake Yummy !
dsc_5114.jpg dsc_5137.jpg dsc_5184.jpg
Playing Trains Chip Eater Returns Lets make dinner !

January 7, 2008

Massive Update

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I finally have updated the website with all of the Cezanne photos from October, November and December of 2007.

Please visit our web site to check out the end of the year as well as all the photos from Christmas !

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