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December 31, 2007

New Year’s Eve – 2007

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Here are the last few photos from 2007. So long, it was a busy year with lots of changes !
It has been wonderful and we look forward to a super 2008 filled with even more of Cezanne…

dsc_4971.JPG dsc_4955.JPG
Cezanne & Christmas Decorations Completely Nuts
dsc_4936.JPG dsc_4938.JPG dsc_4941.JPG
Got my bag… …off we go ! Cezanne & Dolly
dsc_4904.JPG dsc_4902.JPG
I love to draw ! Concentration.
dsc_4917.JPG dsc_4914.JPG
Checking on Dolly A quick pause…

December 30, 2007

18 Doctor Visit

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We saw the doctor for Cezanne’s 18 month visit and all seems to be on track. She is growing up and we are feeling better about her “stats”, she has climbed a bit and is doing well in all area according to the doctor. Her runny nose and cough are also getting better along with her mood.

Here are her stats as of 12/28/2007

Weight : 23lbs 3oz

Length : 32″

Head Circumference : 18″

Snow fell again and now Chicago is again a winter wonderland covered in white frosting. Happy New Year !

cezanne-height-18months.jpg cezanne-weight-18months.jpg
18 Month Height Chart 18 Month Weight Chart

December 25, 2007

Christmas Morning 2007

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dsc_4789.JPG dsc_4791.JPG dsc_4799.JPG dsc_4803.JPG
Oh, whats this ? Presents !?! Rip ! What could it be
dsc_4807.JPG dsc_4808.JPG dsc_4810.JPG
What is this ? Nice, it opens here… …and has a cool light.
dsc_4819.JPG dsc_4825.JPG dsc_4839.JPG dsc_4844.JPG
Testing Testing What is it ? A sip of tea… Look at all my food…
dsc_4858.JPG dsc_4861.JPG dsc_4863.JPG
Thanks Granny Look at this ! Oh, how nice…
dsc_4869.JPG dsc_4874.JPG
I love shoes ! Oh this is fun !

Feeding Myself

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Christmas morning and I had the camera out and ready, but before we went to check to see if Santa had made a stop at our house we had to have breakfast.

Breakfast is now a joy, Cezanne loves oats and often eats 2 bags of oats, in addition to her stick of yogurt and fruit.

Here is a strip of shots taken at high speed of the self feeding fairy…


Alternately here is the animation of the feeding…


Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas to you all !


December 23, 2007

Potty Purchased !

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Yesterday we officially started ‘Potty Training’ with the purchase of 2 small potties. The plan is to start working on this and hope to see results over the next few weeks. It seems that Cezanne has shown quite an interest in the loo and so we figured while she is so interested to get her to learn to go to the potty.

 Will try take a few photos of her with her new potty…

December 19, 2007

Gift Exchange

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Playgroup this week was a gift exchange between the kids and moms. Cezanne was not having a great day – still a little under the weather from the ear infection or something but seems the rest of her crew had fun.

dsc_4684.JPG dsc_4696.JPG dsc_4725.JPG dsc_4718.JPG
Abigail Cezanne greets Kaden Cezanne naps on cow Clark’s snowglobe
dsc_4704.JPG dsc_4708.JPG dsc_4710.JPG
Kaden Rocks Happy Kaden Jana reads to Abigail & Cezanne
dsc_4736.JPG dsc_4737.JPG dsc_4738.JPG
Clark take off you shoes Let me help you there Hello Clark !
dsc_4745.JPG dsc_4742.JPG dsc_4726.JPG
The kids at play Noah Noah, again

December 16, 2007

First Snow

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Cezanne got her first taste of the snow… We took her out back to try her sled. It was less successful that we thought, she was just not feeling too well and the cold was a bit much for her…



December 15, 2007

Cezanne – Artist Blossoms in Bears

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Cezanne is really getting into drawing. She is not quite able to grasp the concept of not drawing on herself yet, or not chewing on the end of a crayon or marker so we are just working with roller ball pens and regular number 2 pencils. Here are a few photos I took of her in her PJs before her nap.

dsc_4619.JPG dsc_4624.JPG dsc_4625.JPG
Cezanne’s Box House Pencil Ready Home Decoration
dsc_4626.JPG dsc_4633.JPG dsc_4634.JPG
Definition of Glee See the joy building Total Excitement
dsc_4638.JPG dsc_4639.JPG dsc_4640.JPG
What ? I’m busy… Hi Dad ! Dad, you’re funny !
dsc_4641.JPG dsc_4642.JPG dsc_4650.JPG
I drew an elephant ! Yes, e-l-e-p-h-a-n-t ! Spread Out Art
dsc_4655.JPG dsc_4657.JPG dsc_4659.JPG
Tummy Art Checking the Mail Another Credit Card !

December 14, 2007

Ear Infection, Potty Front & Back

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It has been a crazy week. Cezanne has been ‘sick’ with a double ear infection. I say ‘sick’because she has shown no sign of really being under the weather and as I sit here now she is sitting on my lap while I type, throwing everything in reach on the ground and trying to help me type…

So we have been administering the medicine for the last few days and just finished the dose and have a doctors appointment in a few minutes to hear if we are ‘all clear’.

On a positive note Cezanne is now able to tell us when she is or has just gone ‘potty’, when we ask she tells us and lets us know ( as if we need to ask ) if it is front ( pee pee ) or back ( poo pee ). She also tells us if it is nap time for Cezanne by putting her hand up to her ear and is really getting pretty clever with the signs.

She is also now starting to solve problems, like ‘how do I see what is on the kitchen counter?’ She takes the step stool in the kitchen, pushes it up against the base cabinets, climbs on the stool and then giggles with delight.

dsc_4611.JPG Cezanne while she was “sick” with the double ear infection.

dsc_4616.JPG Cezanne climbing on the step stool.

We just got back from the doctor who says she is now all better and that the last bit of fluid in her left ear will clear up on its own so no more medicine…

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