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November 30, 2007

Teeth Blow

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Cezanne is showing signs of getting more teeth. Oh the joys… We are back to the throwing up at night – poor baby. Last night we put her down, she was very quite and all seemed well but when we checked on her before we went off to bed we found the signs of puke. Cezanne was fast asleep and not bothered but we just could not leave her like that so we cleaned her up and just as Lanelle was trying to get her to go down again she threw up again… By 1am we had her cleaned up again and ready for bed again she seemed fine and we tried to get some liquid in her. In the morning she seemed to be herself again but Lanelle later discovered that she had thrown up again during the early morning hours. We are hoping that this is all due to the teeth and NOT the bug doing the rounds that spreads to Mommies & Daddies !!!

Cezanne is now able to blow ! She has finally figured out that when I blow in her face that she can blow back – very cute – and we have now got her to blow bubbles at bath time as well. We got a tiny Thomas bubble solution at a party that she now has to blow bubbles with each night after bath time. She gets very excited when she blows and all the tiny bubbles suddenly appear. We will try get a video of this when she gets a little better at it 🙂

This weekend we have 2 parties to go to, one at Noah’s house and then one to meet Santa ! Oh what fun ! Look for photos next week…

November 26, 2007

Cezanne – the Carrot

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I just love this outfit, the first time I saw Cezanne in it I immediately thought of carrots…

dsc_4533.JPG dsc_4526.JPG dsc_4523.JPG
Cezanne & Noddy Here comes the carrot Carrot Girl stuffs her mouth

Cezanne: Hi, Help, TV & Noddy

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This is actually a follow up posting to yesterday where I posted photos of Cezanne drawing on her MagnaDoodle. We took a few more photos around the house and these few show some of Cezanne doing what she does best…

dsc_4520.JPG dsc_4519.JPG dsc_4488.JPG dsc_4480.JPG
Bob / Nod on TV Asking for Help Just being Cute “Hi Dad !”


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Cezanne has now started drawing on her Magna Doodle. We had to resort to a Magna Doodle because she bites and eats the crayons and pens. So now our sweetie draws in iron filing…

dsc_4465.JPG dsc_4491.JPG
Cezanne draw… Cezanne carries her art Cezanne points to…
dsc_4492.JPG dsc_4498.JPG dsc_4503.JPG
…the kitty cat she drew Concentration ! Lounging Artist

Growing up so fast…

(The sobbing you hear in the background is her mother…)

November 24, 2007

Who rules the roost ?

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We are now at that stage where Cezanne gets to decide what we listen to when we drive in the car and when we eat breakfast, lunch and dinner…

Cezanne also gets to call the shots downstairs in the basement when we put on the TV, here is how it goes…

Daybreak, no need for an alarm anymore, we both wake to the very VERY loud calls of “Da, Dada” followed by a short pause, some chatter, another couple of even louder calls of “Da, Dada” and then a very violent “crib shake”. If we dare lie in for a few minutes the alarm escalates and the “Da, Dada” gets more frantic, eventually if all else fails it turns to “Mama !” When it does we know we are in trouble…

Breakfast is typically my responsibility so I stumble out of bed, feel my way in the dark to Cezanne’s room where she is already standing at the rail waiting to be airlifted into the new day. We change the diaper which is now typically just SUPER wet, this I have to say is so much better than the stinky morning poop gifts I had been unwrapping for the longest time.

We make our way downstairs to the kitchen and I place Cezanne in her chair ( read throne – ouch just realized the double meaning – not only is this a place where the one who rules sits, but it is also the place from which much food is, well, thrown ).

After securing her in the seat and before I get the bib on her she is already pointing at the radio/CD player next to her and yelling “Ba” – translation – “Why is my CD not playing ?” If I dare just turn on the radio in the hope that some good Christian radio will sooth the beast, I am scolded with another few “Ba” demands. So the CD starts to spin and we get ready for “The wheels on the bus…”, “She’ll be coming round the mountain…”, “This old man…” – are all 96 songs on this CD equally annoying and equally pointless ?

I then work on getting food into the child and the day evaporates before my eyes.

When next I look it is 5pm and Lanelle is yelling from the basement that I need to stop working and take my child. Take her where ? It is -37 outside and all I want to do now is have a beer and watch some TV. So I make my way down to the basement where I find them sitting on the sofa. Lanelle turns on the TV and immediately Cezanne yells, “Bob” or “Nod” – Bob the Builder or Noddy are the only options we have to choose from. Being that it is late in the day and that we just want to avoid a fight we typically cave and end up watching either Bob or Nod. On the odd occasion that either Lanelle or I are feeling up to the fight, we say “No” and put on a show we have saved – we sometimes actually get to watch about 5 minutes of the show before Cezanne manages to make life so difficult – standing in front of you, licking you in the face, talking and yelling so loud that you can’t hear your show – eventually we shut it all down, move upstairs and the evening feed begins.

Repeat of the morning feed, but this time Mommy is around and she makes it fun by singing along. I think she is so worn out by this stage that she is on the edge – I stay far away from her and try keep her away from sharp objects. Cezanne “eats” ( read – chews and throws, do not read – swallows ). Finally the weakest link in our family trio breaks and dinner is declared “all done”, quick clean up and then I wisk her off to bath…

Oh my what has become of our peaceful existence…

Honestly, I love it !

p.s. Ruth – when you wake in the night with the tunes to “shoofly don’t bother me” spinning around in your head, let us know… all I can say is : been there – doing that !

November 22, 2007

17 Months Thanksgiving !

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Well it has been a busy couple of weeks for us, I was away for most of last week so not much in the way of material to blog about other than the 3 minute web chat I had with Lanelle & Cezanne on Wednesday.

Today Cezanne actually showed and asked for help – she wanted to get up onto my recliner in the basement and could not do it on her own so she turned to us and patted her chest ( the sign for help me ) and continued to do this until one of us got up to help her.

I also spent a lot of time updating all the videos we had taken from all the way back in September. There are 24 new movies to view on the web site, be sure to check them out. The link is : http://www.lambertsatlarge.com/cezanne/2007/videos/index.html  and be sure you see up to page 53 otherwise refresh your browser (F5).

So just one more month and then our little girl is a year and a half ! Mind blowing !

November 9, 2007

Posting from Far

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This posting was done from my BlackBerry while wait and watching the morning snowfall in Minnesota. This week Cezanne started to show signs of learning to blow bubbles in the bath. I am very excited because this is a big part of swim class so if we can blow bubbles we will be really smart !

Cezanne also finally figured out my sign for elephant. I have no idea what the real sign is so I made one up – a waving hand in front of your nose… She is so smart 😉

Oh well guess I better get some work done before I fly home again this afternoon.

November 6, 2007

Two Words & Coffee

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A major milestone today ! Cezanne made her first sentence, or more accurately her first phrase.

“more berries” with the accompanying hand gesture just to be sure I understood her…

But every silver lining is attached to a cloud and so at around 5pm today I heard a very loud “no” coming from the basement and then a very unhappy little girl. When I arrived I found that Cezanne had gotten into the wet bar and managed to open the coffee tin and pour ground coffee out all over the floor behind the bar area. She was at least considerate enough to only mess on the tile so the clean up was not hard. I promptly was put to work installing child proof latches on all 7 cabinet doors in the basement.

Oh how we remember the days when she was less busy 😉

November 1, 2007

Playgroup !!

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Today was playgroup at our house again and we had all the kids dress up again in their costumes so that they could get one more wear out of them…

We had a mini mouse, a couple of monkeys, a lady bug and a fairy princess…

dsc_4385.jpg dsc_4402.jpg dsc_4397.jpg dsc_4421.jpg dsc_4425.jpg
Clark Clark Erin Kaden Katelyn


Gang at Play Erin helps Clark with the builders helmet
dsc_4447.jpg dsc_4451.jpg dsc_4455.jpg
Fairy pondering… Munching Pirate Booty Face of an Angel

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