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October 26, 2007

Cezanne Fairy Princess

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So the big Halloween party at Louise was again a wonderful event. The one thing I did notice was how different this year was due to the fact that all the babies were now toddlers.

Cezanne was the fairy princess and please note the costume, made by hand by Lanelle with help from Ouma & Aunty Celeste…

The following photos were taken by the professional photographer.

aep_0198.JPG aep_0199.JPG aep_0200.JPG
dsc_1015.JPG dsc_1016.JPG dsc_1021.JPG
Desi & Clark, Lanelle & Cezanne, Jana & Abigail, Anne & Noah

October 20, 2007

Fall, Pumpkins & Dress Up

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With fall fast approaching and the autumn winds blowing through Naperville it can mean only one thing…

Time for Louise’s ( Mikey’s Mom ) annual Halloween / Dress Up Party. In preparation for the big event and the photo opportunities Lanelle took Cezanne for a photo shoot today as a test run… The result – very limited cooperation – but in the end our one free shot turned out great !


October 14, 2007

The Great Pumpkin Farm

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On Sunday we went to a Pumpkin Farm to see the animals in the petting zoo, ride the train through the corn field, take a hay ride and get some good old fashion pie ! We were joined by Jana, Jeffery, Abigail, Desi, Dan and Clark. The animals were a highlight except maybe the “cock-a-doodle do” (hens & roosters) who must have decided that Cezanne’s fat little finger poking through their cage was too tempting to resist and so they gave it a good “peck”. Cezanne was more shocked / disgusted than anything else and wailed for a few minutes but was soon over it and off to explore the rest of the farm with her pals.

dsc_4031.JPG dsc_4034.JPG dsc_4042.JPG
Cezanne meets and feeds a calf.
dsc_4049.JPG dsc_4050.JPG dsc_4051.JPG dsc_4052.JPG
Cezanne & Abigail share the feed.
dsc_4054.JPG dsc_4055.JPG dsc_4056.JPG
Cezanne meets and feeds a goat.
dsc_4060.JPG dsc_4061.JPG dsc_4064.JPG
Cezanne and the Rabbits. Sheep says…
dsc_4080.JPG dsc_4081.JPG
Cezanne gets her finger pecked.
Clark, Cezanne & Abigail.
dsc_4093.JPG dsc_4098.JPG dsc_4109.JPG
Mommy & Cezanne feed the sheep.
dsc_4117.JPG dsc_4122.JPG dsc_4132.JPG
Cezanne and the Pumpkin Patch. Cezanne rides in the orange wagon !

The PJ Pair

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There was a slow start to the day on Sunday. After breakfast Mommy showed Cezanne how cool stickers are and stuck some on her PJs. This was just so interesting and Cezanne spent a good few minutes playing with them.

Here are a few shots of the silliness in the kitchen…


October 11, 2007

Little Red Riding Hood

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Cezanne and I went to Tot Rock today because Mommy went to a big sale.

It was a lot of fun – Cezanne was dressed in her new red hoody and looked too cool.

dsc_3979.JPG dsc_3986.JPG dsc_3988.JPG dsc_3990.JPG
What’s Up ? One Handed Peek-a-boo About to be naughty Channel Surfing

October 10, 2007

Back to Normal ?

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Finally the house and the routine is returning to normal after a couple of crazy weeks.

First the 10 days in France, which was followed by 3 weeks with Ouma & Aunty Celeste, and then more recently, Uncle Werner all staying with us and that just made life more interesting…

We are sad to see them all leave and hope they all had fun. Cezanne did miss them – the house was quiet and she was left to settle for Mom & Dad… She’ll get over it 🙂

Swim class this week with Mommy went well but the weather has now turned and fall and winter are on the way !

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