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August 30, 2007

Spoon Fed by Self !

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Despite the pain of teething ( cutting more than 1 at a time really hurts, and makes the whole house unhappy ! ) Cezanne is showing her independence, no rather demanding it by refusing to eat the “baby food” that we have been spoon feeding her. She is now a big girl and feeds herself all her finger foods – she has started working on using a spoon now as well…

I took some video of this as well click the 2 links below to see Cezanne eating like a big girl 🙂

dsc_3549.jpg dsc_3550.jpg dsc_3551.jpg dsc_3552.jpg
Cezanne takes charge and spoon feeds herself… Did you see that ?
dsc_3557.jpg dsc_3558.jpg dsc_3559.jpg
Mommy helps… …just a little bit… Cezanne does the rest
dsc_3573.jpg dsc_3574.jpg dsc_3575.jpg
Funny Face 1 Funny Face 2 Funny Face 3

Ag, Teething Sucks !

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Oh my soul ! I have been away for a couple of days this week and on my return I found we had a little girl with so many new teeth and in so much pain she was just not the same fun loving little doll that I know her to be.

With little to do today I took time to spend with the girls and I think they enjoyed it, although Cezanne had little time or patience for my silliness and everything had to go her way or else ! Each fall, bump and “ouchie” resulted in tears which is never the case.

So now, at 7:30pm with Cezanne in bed, we are both finally at peace and able to rest. We just hope she gets some rest too and that the OraJel and Teething Tables work their magic.

dsc_3534.jpg dsc_3539.jpg dsc_3541.jpg dsc_3542.jpg
Busy as always, but in a lot of pain…

August 21, 2007

14 Month Madness

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A very brief post today, yes she is 14 months old today !

While at play in the basement we were able to capture the following video clip which I posted to our website. Just follow the link and wait for the clip to start playing…


August 20, 2007

Pretty in Pink

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A couple of cute photos of Cezanne in her pink lace jeans… What a little smarty pants.

 dsc_3529.jpg dsc_3528.jpg dsc_3527.jpg

August 18, 2007

Week Flies By – Cezanne Develops Exponentially

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Well I logged in again tonight to check on the last posting and was shocked to see a whole week had passed since I posted.

We have been really busy just getting through the day-to-day, but Cezanne has started doing a few things worth mentioning. She now sings when we sing to her and while playing with any of her toys that play music. OK, so maybe it is not real signing, probably it could pass for humming, but since she does not actually speak adult words yet, the sounds she does make qualify in our book as singing. We will have to try record this for you all to see.

Another new skill is her ability to now wave her finger at you and say in a low deep voice “No, No, No !”. Again something we will have to try get on video.

My favorite new thing is that Cezanne now knows what a kiss is, we can ask for a kiss and she will come and get / give us a kiss. The only problem with it at this stage is that it is a big open mouth kiss not a puckered up kiss mouth. Look for a video clip of this soon too.

Cezanne also added “book” to her vocabulary both sign and verbal and she seems to now understand the concept of bathing or at least what the “washing” sign means.

She has also gotten so much better at going to bed, so much so that I put her down 3 times this week, twice out of necessity because Mommy was going out and so I had to put her down. She went down without a even a peep 🙂

Here are a few of Cezanne in her “Africa” dress from South Africa. Notice the teeth !!!

dsc_3516.jpg dsc_3517.jpg dsc_3521.jpg dsc_3524.jpg

August 10, 2007

Cezanne, plumber or janitor…

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Cezanne has started showing early signs of where her interests lie. She discovered the piece of PVC pipe we use keep the sliding door “locked” the very first day she crawled around in our breakfast area. Ever since she has been facinated with the white pipe and just loved picking it up and sucking on the end – totally disgusting – but just another one of those things you raise and eye to.

Anyway, now that she is walking and sometimes running around the house there are so many more interesting things for her to play with, but during this week she went back to her first love, the PVC pipe and now, being mobile, could walk around with it. She ended up on the kitchen floor as seen below :

dsc_3513.JPG dsc_3514.JPG dsc_3515.JPG

Cezanne also discovered my trash bin in the study this week and has showed a real talent at garbage collection – I did not get any photos but some really funny video clips – go check them out at our website – look for pages 24, 25 & 26 : http://www.lambertsatlarge.com/cezanne/2007/videos/index.html

August 6, 2007

On the go !

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Well Cezanne is now really mobile and on the go. We get little rest but I have to say I love seeing her up on her feet and walking – it just looks so much more “evolved” than the crawling on all fours…

dsc_3502.JPG dsc_3504.JPG
You talking to me ?  You talking to me ? 
dsc_3505.JPG dsc_3508.JPG
Up the stairs I go !  Watch me climb… 
dsc_3509.JPG dsc_3511.JPG
I climbed up here  Now I climb down… 

The Electric Wagon

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While sitting in the study over the weekend we had Cezanne playing with her wagon which is parked near the door. We have all our cell phone chargers plugged in and lying in the study. Without any suggestion from us, Cezanne decided that she needed to plug her wagon in for a recharge. I have no idea where she got the idea from but I took some photos.

Kids, here is a step-by-step guide to plugging in your red wagon for a recharge.

dsc_3489.JPG dsc_3490.JPG
1.) Check for live wire !  2.) Find your input 
dsc_3491.JPG dsc_3492.JPG
3.) Smile while you work  4.) Don’t be silly 
dsc_3495.JPG dsc_3499.JPG
5.) Plug in your live wire  6.) All done ! 

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