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July 31, 2007

Baby Shower Busy Girl

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This weekend we went to a baby shower for Gillian now that Callum has been born and we all know that he is in fact a he 🙂

There were a bunch of little kids, most of them a year or so older than Cezanne but that did not stop her from having a great time !

dsc_3363.JPG dsc_3364.JPG dsc_3366.JPG
Mommy lets me go…  …and off I go !  Hello there ! 
dsc_3369.JPG dsc_3385.JPG  
Hello Callum Sizer !  Naughty Naughty   
dsc_3370.JPG dsc_3376.JPG dsc_3383.JPG
I love this car !  Silly Cezanne  Another Silly Cezanne 
dsc_3399.JPG dsc_3400.JPG dsc_3401.JPG
Who’s on Mommy’s lap ?  Mommy I want ‘up’ !  Check his head ! 

July 24, 2007

Original Cezanne

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Today the art world sat up as the first new orginal Cezanne in over 100 years was unveiled.

The piece is untitled but shows that structure and chaos can coexist.

cezanne072407.jpg original Cezanne – untitled – 2007

July 23, 2007

Double Blogging

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In order to make up for the gaps in the blog I will post more news today…

Cezanne is now picking up more of the sign language, she can sign “more” and this morning she made the “juice” sign.

If you watch the movie / slide show of Kaden’s party you will see her making the more sign in the very last photo… See how I get you to watch all my hard work all the way to the end 😉


Cezanne is also now able to stand up and walk with much more stability, we chased one another around the basement a bit after her morning nap today and she really enjoyed that ! We plan to get take more movies and place them on the web site since the photos can only capture a moment and the movies just show so much more !

Where does the time go ?

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I finally found a few minutes which later turned into a few hours, to compile some new content for the web site.

I found a neat new feature in the software for our Digital Camera, my second baby ( D80 is her name ), that allows you to compile slideshows and then save them to movie files so I played with this a bit and compiled 4 movies of the 4 birthday parties for which we had a fair number of photos.

I have integrated the movies into our website so please go have a look, they are between 15 and 40 Mb so will take a while to download and start playing, but I hope you enjoy them. I plan to post all the actual photos as well, but only when I find a few more minutes that I can turn into hours 😉

Visit the link : http://www.lambertsatlarge.com/holidayevents/2007/birthdayparties/index.html


July 22, 2007

Cool Pretty Girl

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Not a huge fan of sunglasses or a hat, Cezanne did give us a few moments to take the following photos. The sunglasses did not stay on very long but the hat did…

dsc_3210.JPG dsc_3212.JPG
dsc_3213.JPG dsc_3214.JPG

July 18, 2007

Please Stand Up !

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Cezanne stood up and walked on her own for the first time today. In fact just now in the basement we prompted her to stand up and she did it twice – great progress but I am sure we will soon regret her new found mobility !

dsc_3031.JPG dsc_3036.JPG

I will still update the blog with the past few weeks but just had to get this new news out there 🙂

July 17, 2007

Web Site Updated – Blog Updated

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Hello !

The last 3 weeks have been very busy with my parents being here visiting so I have not had time to update the blog as often as I would have liked. We did take a ton of photos during this time including Cezanne’s first Birthday party.

I did do a mass update to our web site for Cezanne’s photos so check there for now, there are now photos for April, May and June.

Click the link to the Lamberts @ Large website and then follow any of the 3 links under Whats New : http://www.lambertsatlarge.com/

July 13, 2007

Grandma & Grandpa Go Home :-(

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After a wonderful 3 week visit it was time for Grandma & Grandpa to leave and return home…

Oh, what fun we had. We hope they come and visit again soon !

dsc_3027.JPG dsc_3028.JPG

Miss you both already !

July 12, 2007

Grandma’s Birthday & John Hancock (Again)

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Today (July 12) is Grandma’s birthday – Congratulations & Happy Birthday !

As a treat we all went to the John Hancock building in Chicago for their buffet lunch and the great view of the city and the lake.

Now Cezanne is only just one, but this was her third trip up to the 95th floor – we went with Celeste when she was just a few weeks old, we then went again when Gavin, Christina and Aiden came to visit and so this was the third time.

dsc_2988.JPGdsc_2992.JPGdsc_2994.JPG Mamma & Cezanne, high above Chicago

dsc_3002.JPGdsc_3012.JPG Cezanne & Daddy

July 11, 2007

Bubbles in the Backyard

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In order to get more use out of the bubble machine that we bought for Cezanne’s birthday party we decided to put it on today during the backyard swim and was this a real treat ! The photos say it all…


After all the bubble fun it was time for a swim. Cezanne was born with fins, she loves the water and swimming is one of her all time favorite things to do…


After the swim it is time to dry off, here Grandpa helps out 🙂



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