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June 30, 2007


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June 30th, Cezanne’s first birthday party – sunny and hot which was just what we needed for her backyard beach picnic theme. We had umbrellas and a gazebo and picnic blankets and quilts as well as a couple of water activities and pools, a ball pit and a sand and water table for the kids. There were inflatable sea creatures for the kids to play with and each one got a beach ball with a fish inside to take home. It was a wonderful party and we hope all those that did attend enjoyed it.

dsc_2508.JPG dsc_2533.JPG dsc_2550.JPG
Cezanne’s Fish Cake Cezanne
in blue icing
Opening gifts !
dsc_2558.JPG dsc_2589.JPG dsc_2612.JPG
More gifts for Cezanne Birthday Girl Mommy, Grandpa
Grandma & Cezanne

I took all our photos and created a little movie slideshow – it is on our website – click here for a direct link – give it some time to load, it should start playing once it has downloaded. Enjoy !

June 25, 2007

Granny & Grand Pa Arrive !

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Granny / Grand Ma / Ouma & Grand Pa arrived today from South Africa. This is now the other set of grand parents – my parents – and while it did take Cezanne a while to warm up to these two new strangers, she soon found that she could twist them round her little finger.

They will be visiting for 3 weeks so we will most likely be a bit busy taking full advantage of the “live in baby sitting” for that time 😉


June 23, 2007

First Steps Solo

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There is no photographic evidence, but I did want to get this in here so we can go back to this entry at some point in the future and see that today Cezanne took her first few steps solo.

Lanelle and I took her down to the basement and encouraged her to walk between us, she managed it a few times before becoming tired / bored with it and moving on to other fun & games.

June 22, 2007

Doctor Visit – All OK !

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Today we saw the Doctor for Cezanne’s one year appointment and he says she looks great. She is on track and there is nothing to worry about. Her current stats are :

Head Circumference : 17.25 inches

Height / Length : 29.75 inches

Weight : 20lbs 1oz

These stats put her at 20% for Head Circumference, 38% for Weight, and 75% for Height / Length. So we have a tall skinny little girl with a very small head.

Cezanne also got 2 injections, which were not very pleasant, but the Bugs Bunny plasters did make up for the “ouch”.

We are now onto “grown up” food, and milk and pretty much anything Mom & Dad eat, except seafood and peanut butter. Cezanne, you are safe from the peanut butter – we don’t own a jar at all !

June 21, 2007

One Year Old !

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Cezanne is One !

We made it, she made it and all in what feels like the blink of an eye. It really is hard to imagine that a year ago she was nothing more that a blob. Oh and don’t even get me started on all the trouble we had with feeding her…

We sure have come along way and to celebrate we started the day with gifts after breakfast…

dsc_2416.jpg dsc_2421.jpg dsc_2426.jpg
Cezanne opening a gift from
Gavin, Christina & Aiden Harvett
A book & plate from the Harvetts A wonderful ribbon on a gift from
Gus, Erin & Grant Svendsen.
dsc_2433.jpg dsc_2443.jpg dsc_2459.jpg
Helping Dad unwrap !  Off I go. Choo Choo ! Playing with my Weeble Castle

After that we had to go get a cake for playgroup and Cezanne was able to get a birthday balloon, here she sits with her balloon in the kitchen where she has unpacked all the tupperware items. A game she enjoys so much !

dsc_2464.jpg dsc_2467.jpg

Then on to playgroup where all her friends and their Mommies had a wonderful time playing and swimming. A special thanks to Jana for hosting and the extra special fuss all her friends made on her special day.

dsc_2469.jpg dsc_2477.jpg dsc_2485.jpg
Aunty Anne & Cezanne In the ball pit with
Nolan(L) & Noah(R)
In the pool with
Noah(L) and Clark
dsc_2489.jpg dsc_2490.jpg  
Rebecca & Nolan Jana & Abigail  
dsc_2495.jpg dsc_2496.jpg dsc_2497.jpg
Cezanne Cezanne Cezanne

June 11, 2007

Basement Moose Rides & Movies

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I love the basement. Lanelle loves the basement, but I think Cezanne loves the basement most of all. The space is just perfect for her and today she took another long ride on her big red rocking moose. I was even able to leave her to play on her own down there while I watch a movie… A movie, ah the good old days… To be totally fair, Cezanne was a superstar while we were on vacation – we did time it just right with one of her afternoon naps and by doing so were able to take her to see Shrek the Third. She squirmed around for the first 15 minutes but the took her nap for the rest of the movie. It was wonderful to be able to see a movie again ! A few days later we wanted to try again and see Pirates of the Caribbean, but the movie is over 3 hours and so we decided we could not expect Cezanne to sleep through it all 🙂


June 9, 2007

Bianca’s Elmo Birthday Party

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One of our friends Hithesh & Jyothi celebrated the 2nd Birthday of their little girl Bianca over the weekend and we were there to enjoy the madness that is a kids party. Cezanne had a ball playing with all the new toys. Rhiannon Sizer was also at the party and Cezanne just loves playing with Rhiannon. I think it has more to do with the ‘She is older and so I want to copy her and play with what ever she is playing with’. The played very nicely with each other despite the almost 2 year gap in age.

dsc_2371.jpg dsc_2375.jpg Cezanne, in her Elmo Party Hat.

dsc_2380.jpg dsc_2383.jpg Playing with Rhiannon Sizer.

dsc_2385.jpg dsc_2395.jpg Having fun on my own.

June 8, 2007

Cezanne gets the Munchies

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Again, still on vacation, while trying to pack up on our last morning in Phoenix, Cezanne got a case of the Munchies, literally

dsc_2347.jpg dsc_2357.jpg

June 5, 2007

Getting into Everything

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While still on vacation the very adventurous Cezanne found a way into one of the bathroom cabinets. Now I know we have said how busy she is and that she is a handful and I know you all say we are over exaggerating. Here then is proof that she really does get into everything !

dsc_2337.jpg dsc_2339.jpg

June 3, 2007

Vacation DJ

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We took a few days off and went to Scottsdale for a few days. Cezanne found a radio in the room and within seconds had figured out how to turn it on. She then found the volume nob and turned it up and down while standing and dancing to the music. Her dancing is a mixture of stamping feets and a bobbing and swaying body.

dsc_2203.jpg dsc_2204.jpg dsc_2207.jpg dsc_2209.jpg

Cezanne also loved the big round coffee table that she could cruise around over and over and over. We would place things on it and she would cruise around trying to see where her arms were long enough to reach these items. This was a big game until we put things right in the middle of the table where Cezanne could not reach it, then she let us and all within a few miles know she was not happy about it !

dsc_2198.jpg dsc_2199.jpg dsc_2200.jpg dsc_2201.jpg dsc_2202.jpg

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