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May 29, 2007

Morning Coffee

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Cezanne is not at the stage where she wants everything we have. So morning coffee has even become a power struggle in our house. We have to finish our coffee before Cezanne gets too worked up and allow her to then “share” the coffee with her. As you can see she seems to think this is just wonderful…

dsc_2176.jpg dsc_2178.jpg

May 26, 2007

Bathroom Facination

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Cezanne seems to have a facination with our bathroom, she loves to crawl around on the cold hard tile floor and climb up at the bath and play with the spout. She also enjoys pushing the trash can around on the floor and seeing what other mischief she can get into.

dsc_2121.jpg dsc_2147.jpg  
Daddy walks Cezanne
back from trouble
Cezanne in the
bath spout
dsc_2139.jpg dsc_2140.jpg dsc_2144.jpg
Cezanne drives
the trash can
Why is it stuck ? Coming through !

Cezanne in the morning…

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The morning ritual is as follows; Cezanne wakes up between 7:00am and 7:30am and then plays a bit in her crib before yelling to us to come and get her. She then gets a morning diaper change and a feeding with mommy in bed before the day starts.

After she has had her fill from mommy she climbs all over the two of us until she finds the edge of the bed and climbs down. She has forced me to clear off my night stand otherwise she makes sure anything that was on top is placed on the floor. Cezanne then plays around in the bedroom while we SLOWLY get up and start the day.

dsc_2102.jpg dsc_2105.jpg dsc_2112.jpg
Clearing the night stand Don’t even think about
putting something else
down here…
Cezanne playing silly
games with mommy

Playgroup – watch us play !

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This week was again out turn to host the playgroup and it is always so much fun to see all the little babies who are now not so little any more. We have some that can stand and some that can walk, some make lots of noise and some have the cutest smiles.

The basement is really the perfect spot for all the mommies to let the babies roam free. Here are some shots that Lanelle took in amongst all the fun !

dsc_2074.jpg dsc_2076.jpg dsc_2078.jpg
Clark, Cezanne, Noah James Sheri & baby Katelyn
dsc_2079.jpg dsc_2080.jpg dsc_2083.jpg
Jana & baby Abigail Diana & baby Kaden Clark, Noah & Cezanne
dsc_2084.jpg dsc_2085.jpg dsc_2086.jpg
Cezanne Thumb to Mouth Thumb in Mouth

May 23, 2007

Dirtiest Dinner Ever !

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Tonight Cezanne was awarded the Dirtiest Dinner Ever award by those in the know – her mom & dad. No more details needed, see for yourself !

dsc_2052.jpg dsc_2057.jpg

1 month to 1

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Another busy weekend and now we are at T-1 month and counting… Yes, we can hardly believe it – Cezanne is 11 months old and we “celebrated” by going to a BBQ at Jana & Jeffery ( Abigail’s Mom & Dad ) on Sunday. It was actually a really nice day and we sat outside on the deck where Cezanne showed Abigail how to use plant stands as walkers. Soon they were fighting over the plant stand but lucky for all there were 2 plant stands so each girl got her own walker… Clark who was also there did not seem too interested in the girls but rather just wanted to stand around showing off his skill at, well, standing.

In between the socializing there was gardening and chores around the house and so there was little time for much more and so here are a few photos of Cezanne in her pool again, she really loves the splashing and it cools her down in the hot weather. Enjoy !

dsc_1979.JPG dsc_1993.JPG dsc_2003.JPG dsc_2010.JPG dsc_2009.JPG


May 16, 2007

Sleeping Position Since Birth

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Here is the US there is a huge campaign to have all babies sleep on their backs, well since birth Cezanne has stood firm against this ideal and almost always slept on her tummy, much to the dismay of both her parents.

It was particularly difficult to find a moment when we could take a photo of her unique sleeping position but now with sleeping better during the day we got a chance during an afternoon nap to capture the “praying position”. I especially like the way she tucks “Noddy” under the arm. Enjoy !

dsc_1973.jpg dsc_1974.jpg dsc_1975.jpg

Finally… a 3rd tooth !

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Lanelle found a 3rd tooth slowly making it’s appearance – top center – so soon the little biter will be able to do more damage when chewing on things…

Well at least meal times will be a bit more rewarding as she will actually be able to bite off smaller chunks – something that has frustrated her todate.

May 13, 2007

First Night Out & About

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Last night we were invited to a BBQ, well actually since it was just south africans I guess I have to still call it a braai. We went to Christa & Jannie’s house for dinner and took Cezanne with us. We fed her, bathed her, loaded her in the car with her travel crib and then Lanelle put her to bed in her travel crib. It did take a while for her to go down, but then she slept like a superstar not even stirring once.

We were able to have a great evening out chatting with adults other than one another and when next we looked it was midnight. We were a little worried that getting Cezanne up and out and into her seat for the drive home would be traumatic but she was so easy, only crying a little here and there and when we got home it really did not take too long for her to go back to sleep. She then slept through until her normal waking hour, aroung 7am.

I think we have to give a special thanks to “Noddy” who we cleverly took with as a sleeping buddy and that did seem to help. Thanks Ouma 🙂

May 10, 2007

A Busy Week – Swimming, No More, Biting & Snorting

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Finally I get around to logging more updates in the life and times of Cezanne. It has been a busy week with lots of things to report.

Saturday morning saw Dad take Cezanne to swim class, just the two of us while Mom got some time to herself – which she used to clean – not the idea, but it was something we just did not get around to with little miss C at our feet and into everything. Swim class was a blast. We got there early and were able to get in and swim – it almost turned into a private lesson but then the other little swimmers did show up and we sang and swam and splashed and had a wonderful time.

Sunday was more swimming in the pool at home and exploring the garden while Mom & Dad tried to get some gardening done, this does not work well, Cezanne gets into everything and just does not seem to trust us when we tell her that grass and soil do not taste good.

It was also the last of the Mini Gym classes so now we need to find another activity for Cezanne where she can crawl and interact with other kids in an active environment. She seems quite happy to crawl and is making no attempt to walk yet – we are also happy with this arrangement 🙂 

During the week we learned to make the “All Done” sign when we were full or finished eating. To my delight it was very obvious. I had seen some examples on these “Baby Signs” DVDs where the baby attempts to make a sign and it looks nothing like the sign – Cezanne actually made it very clearly and what was more impressive is that the sign is actually very close to “clapping hands” which she does very well, this was NOT “clapping hands”. As further evidence – as you can tell I really need proof before I officially log any development with this test subject – today when she made the “All Done” sign I tested her with another spoon yogurt and she promptly removed the mouthful and made the sign again. In my book this is classified as a pass.

Cezanne has also started making the funniest snorting face – she scrunches up her nose and face and then snorts in and out – I really need to try capture it, I have to laugh every time she does it – it is just so funny.

On the “not so cute” side Cezanne has started biting and even with just 2 teeth it is actually quite painful, she does not respond to “NO” but it seems to be a mood thing, at times she thinks she is very funny and then bites and laughs about it. This has not happened too often and I hope it passes quicky… I suppose we have to take the good with the bad 🙂 Ruth your comments make me feel a bit better about it 😉

I can not imagine that in a month and 10 days she will be 1 year old ! Where did the time go ?

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