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April 30, 2007

Feeding Myself

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Cezanne has made feeding / meal time a lot more work and a lot more time consuming. She now wants to touch and feel everything we try feed her. This gets particularly messy when it comes to feeding her things like yogurt as can be seen in these photos…

dsc_1815.jpg dsc_1818.jpg dsc_1822.jpg

April 28, 2007


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Lanelle signed Cezanne up for Swim Class at the YMCA and we thought it could be something that Daddy could do with her on Saturday mornings and give Mommy a little time to get other things done. We all went to the Y in downtown Naperville this morning and while Cezanne was a little unsure of things when we got in, she soon saw how much fun it was and had a wonderful time.

We sang songs and splashed and blew bubbles. Then the babies had to jump off the pool side and swim across the pool. Cezanne loved this ! Then after a while we sang more songs and splashed again and then we were all done. It was so much fun both for Cezanne and for me. We can’t wait for next week !! I think she is going to be a great swimmer 😉 Mommy will try take some photos next week.

April 25, 2007

Really Messy Eater

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Cezanne has decided that she needs to be part of each meal now. She is no longer satisfied to just sit while we feed her, she wants to see what we are feeding her and get her hands into it and try feed herself. The problem with this is that she gets food everywhere and here is the proof…

dsc_1765.JPG dsc_1767.JPG dsc_1769.JPG
dsc_1771.JPG dsc_1773.JPG dsc_1777.JPG dsc_1779.JPG

Garden Girl

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Sunday was such a nice day we got out into the garden for a bit and Cezanne found a whole new area to explore.

dsc_1739.JPG dsc_1749.JPG
Mommy & Cezanne Cezanne Explores
Cezanne on the glorious green grass
dsc_1754.JPG dsc_1757.JPG
“I don’t wanna stand !” “Oh thats not too bad…”

April 21, 2007

A Day at the Zoo

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Lanelle heard that the new baby polar bear made his first public appearance yesterday and so when today turned out to be a wonderful sunny day, we jumped in the car and went to see him for ourselves. The Brookfield Zoo was buzzing with activity, it seemed like all of Chicago had the same idea…

Cezanne spent a large part of the day in my arms. That way I could lift her above the crowds and show her the animals. At first I was not sure if she was able to see them or that she knew that there was something special and different that she was supposed to see in each new area. When we got to the elephant area they were feeding the elephant right near the fence, probably 10 feet from where we were standing and Cezanne saw the big elephant and giggled and squealed with delight. She really seemed to enjoy seeing the animals and made a lot of noise each time we got to a new area and there were new animals to see.

dsc_1683.jpg dsc_1687.jpg dsc_1688.jpg
 Daddy & Cezanne  Mommy & Baby Polar Bear  The Lion
dsc_1703.jpg dsc_1693.jpg dsc_1697.jpg
 Cezanne & Rhino Mommy & Cezanne Cezanne & Elephant
dsc_1704.jpg dsc_1711.jpg dsc_1717.jpg
Waving at the Rhino Cezanne & Hippos Cezanne & Giraffe
dsc_1726.jpg dsc_1730.jpg
Cezanne rides a Camel Cezanne rides an Elephant

Feeding Ourself – First Attempt

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Since Cezanne is now 10 months old, she felt that she should now start feeding herself. She had been grabbing at the spoon a few times during previous feedings and I even let her guide the spoon into her mouth. She wanted a more “hands on” experience…

dsc_1656.jpg dsc_1659.jpg dsc_1669.jpg Yes, we did eventually get her clean again…

April 20, 2007

Double Digits

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Congratulations to Cezanne – 10 months old today !

The sun is shining and it looks like it is going to be a beautiful day and a super weekend !

Cezanne can now clap hands and point. She also knows how to get down from our bed (with a little help) by going over the edge backwards. She can climb up and down the stairs (with Mom & Dad near by). She is talking non stop and is constantly moving.

I find it so strange to go into her room at night to check on her and find her lying still. It seems so strange to see my little girl at rest.

Cezanne is a stubborn, impatient little girl with a very strong will, I wonder where she got all that from ?

dsc_1632a.JPG dsc_1645a.JPG dsc_1642a.JPG dsc_1651a.JPG
Cezanne at breakfast at 10 months. Still just the bottom 2 teeth…

Play Time

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This week it was our turn to host the play group and it was also the first “event” in the basement. Cezanne and all her friends had a wonderful time playing down there while all the mommies got a chance to chat and relax (yeah right !).

dsc_1606.JPG dsc_1608.JPG dsc_1609.JPG
Desiree & baby Clarke,
Anne & baby Noah ( behind Cezanne )
Diana & baby Kaden,
Desiree & baby Clarke & baby Noah
Susan & baby James
dsc_1610.JPG dsc_1615.JPG dsc_1613.JPG
Abigail Tommy Noah
dsc_1611.JPG dsc_1617.JPG dsc_1619.JPG
All the mommies & babies Jana & baby Abigail,
Desiree & baby Clarke
Diana & baby Kaden


April 13, 2007

Quick Photo Update

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Finally catching breath and posting a few photos from the last 2 weeks. Winter seems to now finally be on her way and we are all feeling better.

Cezanne spent a little time exploring her room – getting into her closet and checking out her humidifier. She also had a few laughs on the changing table.

dsc_1586.JPG dsc_1589.JPG dsc_1591.JPG dsc_1592.JPG dsc_1601.JPG dsc_1602.JPG

April 11, 2007

Sick of Winter

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We all thought summer had arrived last week when we had temperatures in the 70 and 80 degree range. We then saw a drop down to the low 30s and have had 2 days of light flurries and more are on the way. Not only are we all sick of winter but we are all sick. Lanelle seems to have picked up something probably from Cezanne and then actually made it worse and gave it back to Cezanne before I picked up on it and am now suffering through day 2 of this 3-4 day flu.

One highlight is that the basement is pretty much complete – a few little touch ups here and there – all of Cezanne’s toys have been moved down into her play area and it will be used on Friday for play group this week.

Cezanne is learning to climb the stairs, both up and down and is very good at it. She is extremely cautious which I guess is a good thing but that does not mean that Lanelle and I are not both within a few inches of her while she climbs up and down ready to catch at the first sign of a fall.

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