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February 26, 2007

Two Teeth – The Proof !

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While feeding Cezanne this morning she laughed and smiled so nicely showing off her 2 teeth that I thought I would try taking a picture when we were all done. Well of course she was less cooperative after breakfast but I did get a shot that is a little blurry but none the less shows off the pair quite nicely.


Cezanne has also now got the hand of drinking from a straw. While still a little messy, but lets blame the bottle, she now gets water and a shot of juice to wash down her breakfast and newest favorite snack : PUFFS !!! 


Life on Top

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One of Cezanne’s favorite places to be is on my shoulders. It seems she likes it up there and also enjoys chewing on my hair. I had her in the study one day this past week and she just would not sit still and the only place I could put her where she could not get hold of anything was on my shoulders.

Well, she thought this was very funny and when mommy came to see what all the laughter was about, this is what she found 🙂

February 21, 2007

My Pop & Spin Table

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We bought Cezanne a table of her own that she could pull up on and stand at. The pictures are not great but here are a few of her at play – she was actually a little cranky this morning – maybe another tooth is on the way ?

dsc_1157.JPG dsc_1161.JPG dsc_1167.JPG dsc_1168.JPG dsc_1172.JPG

February 20, 2007

8 Months & Brushing Teeth

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We made it to 8 months !

Cezanne is now getting a little cocky, standing and playing with both hands and just using her newly developed balancing skills to keep her upright. She has taken a few tumbles due to this new attitude but none that resulted in any more than a few seconds of tears.

With her 1 and a half teeth now visible in every smile we have been instructed by the dentist to start brushing the pearly whites. Cezanne seems to love the brushing of the teeth – not only is the toothpaste ‘yummy’ but the tooth brush is just the right shape and size to scratch all the remaining gums that are oh so itchy. There are no signs that any more teeth are on their way yet, but we know that they will eventually make an appearance.

Photos of Cezanne brushing her teeth in the bath…

dsc_1142.JPG dsc_1145.JPG dsc_1148.JPG

February 14, 2007

Valentines Day & Photo Update

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Today Cezanne had a few of her friends over for a Valentine’s Day Brunch. The mommies and babies seem to have all had a good time. This was our first time hosting a croud of babies and it went very well.

I finally found time to get some of the photos of the camera – found a problem that some of the photos were corrupted – but these few were still good.

Look at me ! Mommy ! Still naughty... Naughty while standing... 

Cezanne found the bottom shelf of our console table and claimed it as her own. The phone and other items have been relocated.

What are you doing to me ? Ok, now I am ready ! 

On one of the colder days we had to go out and so Cezanne needed to be well dressed in her arctic jacket and hat.

Standing in bed... Please pick me up... Having Fun - Now that I can stand... 

The little monkey can stand and now rattles her cage in the mornings when it is time to get up !

February 12, 2007

A busy 2 weeks fly by

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I know I have not blogged in a while, almost 2 weeks in fact, and the reason – we have had no time and our home computer finally died so we are limited to what we can do…

I have been away (last week) and then over the weekends we have run around doing everything that we needed to and Cezanne has not slowed down for a second. She is now crawling beautifully on all fours all the time, pulling up on anything and everything, she is even now able to stand supported for a good couple of minutes before getting tired.

The morning routine now has one of us finding her standing in her crib holding on to the railing ( and shaking it some mornings ) and only crying out to us when she gets tired of standing since she has not yet figured out how to get down. We are both glad that she has not yet tried just letting go 😉

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