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January 24, 2007

New Doctor No Tears

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Today we took Cezanne for her second flu vacination at her new doctor. We were not able to meet the new doctor but the nurse that helped us and gave Cezanne her shot was very nice. We had to change doctors because my medical benefits plan at work changed and Cezanne’s Pediatrician does not accept the new plan.

Cezanne was a monster, she tore up all the paper liner that they place over the examination table. When it came time for the one shot I distracted her with the pull ties around my neck and she did not even cry when she got her injection. What a trooper !

We had were weighed again and she is now 17lbs 8oz which is great !

At this stage Cezanne is almost crawling ( she is a master of the leopard crawl ), she is getting up into a sitting position more frequently although we still think it is unintentional, and she is talking up a storm. Eating has become a game, some days it goes very well and other days (like today) she spits out more than she swallows.

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