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January 18, 2007

Sad Day – Ouma & Oupa Leave

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Today was a sad day. After almost 8 weeks of non-stop attention Ouma & Oupa had to pack their bags and head home.

It was sad for us all since I think Cezanne really enjoyed the time she got to spend with her Ouma & Oupa, it will be a while before she gets to see them again. We are now waiting to see if she notices that they are gone and if she misses them…

Celeste is still here to fill the void, but only for a week or two and then it will just be the Lambert trio left to fend for themselves…

dsc_0718.JPG In my new stripes outfit !

dsc_0738.JPG dsc_0744.JPG dsc_0745.JPG dsc_0752.JPG Ouma & Oupa & Cezanne

dsc_0760.JPG dsc_0764.JPG Celeste, Ouma, Lanelle & Cezanne

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