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January 6, 2007

Cezanne at Rhiannon’s 2nd Birthday Party

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Rhiannon Sizer had her 2nd Birthday Party today. Last year, Cezanne was still inside Mommy and now she was an active participant. It seems like she had fun although her limited mobility did prevent her from getting stuck into all the other kids at the party, but those that came to check her out she grabbed hold of and did not want to let go…

dsc_0463.JPG dsc_0464.JPG Hello Calvin, please to meet you.

dsc_0465.JPG dsc_0466.JPG I got you Calvin !

dsc_0469.JPG Playing with the ball we gave to Rhiannon last year for her Birthday.

dsc_0487.JPG dsc_0489.JPG dsc_0491.JPG Playing with the big ball is fun !

dsc_0496.JPG dsc_0501.JPG dsc_0502.JPG Playing in my party dress…

dsc_0508.JPG The Birthday girl shows us how old she is ( 2 ).

dsc_0514.JPG All the play is very exhausting…

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