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January 30, 2007

Pulls Up !

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As if the shift in gears to crawling was not enough, today Cezanne pulled herself up on the coffee table.

Where is that cage ?? This little monster does not seem to be slow in the physical development area at all, both her parents are exhausted…

The talking is getting better, nothing legible yet but at time it is so loud and so constant that I think we are going to have a little chatter box on our hands.

We also went to visit a friend who has just had a baby ( forgot how small they are when they first come out ) and Cezanne was very friendly. It was after dinner and bath time and so she was a little crabby, but she warmed up to the strange new people and when they gave her attention and played with her she lit up and enjoyed exploring the new space…

January 28, 2007

Cezanne Crawls

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We dropped Celeste off at the airport and when we got home Cezanne decided to start crawling. She had been showing positive signs that she could but only one or two “paces” at a time. Now she seems to have the hang of it and can actually get across the room in no time.

We are now shopping for a cage !

January 27, 2007

A Tooth Arrives

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Yesterday we found the first signs of a protruding tooth. I have to admit that while Cezanne has been a bit difficult over the last couple of weeks it has not been all that bad. One down and only how many more to go ??

It really is not even visible yet since Cezanne will not sit still long enough for us to try and get a good look at the tooth but we can feel the sharp edges of the first tooth.


January 24, 2007

New Doctor No Tears

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Today we took Cezanne for her second flu vacination at her new doctor. We were not able to meet the new doctor but the nurse that helped us and gave Cezanne her shot was very nice. We had to change doctors because my medical benefits plan at work changed and Cezanne’s Pediatrician does not accept the new plan.

Cezanne was a monster, she tore up all the paper liner that they place over the examination table. When it came time for the one shot I distracted her with the pull ties around my neck and she did not even cry when she got her injection. What a trooper !

We had were weighed again and she is now 17lbs 8oz which is great !

At this stage Cezanne is almost crawling ( she is a master of the leopard crawl ), she is getting up into a sitting position more frequently although we still think it is unintentional, and she is talking up a storm. Eating has become a game, some days it goes very well and other days (like today) she spits out more than she swallows.

January 20, 2007

Seven Months !

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Yay ! We made it to 7 months.

Cezanne had a good day, getting up early, feeding and napping with Mommy and then playing and eating and then hanging around and playing some more with Aunty Celeste while Mom & Dad finished some home improvement projects.

Eventually we went out to do some shopping and then home to eat and bath and off to bed. Just before bath & bed we took a few quick shots in the kitchen with Mommy.

dsc_0771.JPG dsc_0772.JPG dsc_0774.JPG dsc_0790.JPG

January 18, 2007

Sad Day – Ouma & Oupa Leave

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Today was a sad day. After almost 8 weeks of non-stop attention Ouma & Oupa had to pack their bags and head home.

It was sad for us all since I think Cezanne really enjoyed the time she got to spend with her Ouma & Oupa, it will be a while before she gets to see them again. We are now waiting to see if she notices that they are gone and if she misses them…

Celeste is still here to fill the void, but only for a week or two and then it will just be the Lambert trio left to fend for themselves…

dsc_0718.JPG In my new stripes outfit !

dsc_0738.JPG dsc_0744.JPG dsc_0745.JPG dsc_0752.JPG Ouma & Oupa & Cezanne

dsc_0760.JPG dsc_0764.JPG Celeste, Ouma, Lanelle & Cezanne

January 16, 2007

Aunty Celeste Visits (Again)

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Today Aunty Celeste came to visit for a couple of weeks. She heard about all the wonderful adventures in the life of Cezanne and just could not stand to miss any more so she got here visa, packed her bags and hopped across the pond to come and see the little lady.

We are not sure if she has any ability to remember Celeste, last time she saw Celeste she was barely a month old.

January 14, 2007

The Great Train Crash

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Today we attended our 2nd birthday party in as many weeks. This time it was the first birthday party of Mikey, a friend of a friend from Cradle Talk. Mikey is the son of Louise and John who have hosted the Halloween and Photos with Santa events in the past.

The party had a “Thomas” theme and there was a big blue train to ride on in the dining / sitting area, but more on that later.

We reached another major milestone today, again probably just by accident (careful how I use that word today) but Cezanne went from lying on her tummy to sitting all on her own and she did it again when we got home. So check that off the list… In fact Cezanne was a real little show-off at the party showing all her fellow infants just how well she can move and how much energy she has and that she does not need a nap during the day.

dsc_0658.JPG dsc_0661.JPG One of these 2 photos was taken at the exact moment she got into the sitting pose from lying on her tummy. I think it was the one where she is chewing on the red coin.

dsc_0673.JPG Dad, Cezanne, Diana & Kaden.

dsc_0678.JPG Louise, John & Birthday Boy Mikey.

dsc_0683.JPG The Welch Family

Now more about the train… The ride-on train was setup is a figure 8 and Cezanne took a ride on the self-propelled train, sitting quite still and managing to balance very well all by herself. Later we returned to ride the triain again and this time take some photos.

dsc_0688.JPG dsc_0689.JPG dsc_0690.JPG dsc_0699.JPG dsc_0708.JPG

Cezanne again did very well and both Lanelle and I took turns taking photos while the other one kept an eye on the little pink train driver. While Lanelle was taking pictures and I was trying to keep an eye on Cezanne while staying out of the shot Cezanne took one of the turns and decided to lean out to see if she could touch the pillar as she passed. Well gravity steped in and both Cezanne and the train left the tracks and crashed into the pillar. There was no real damage to the train, the pillar or Cezanne but she had to make sure everybody at the party knew that her parents had let her crash the train. After the 5 minute wail she calmed down. Here she is after a good cry but calm and ready to show off again…


January 9, 2007

Talking & Teething

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Well today we finally found the thin white stripes that explain the rollercoaster behavior we have been experiencing over the last few weeks. It seems Cezanne has been “teething” and while we suspected it all along we now have the proof.

Another development, while I was changing Cezanne this morning she looked up at me and rather than just the regular babble she actually “talked”. She did not really say anything legible but it was a new sound that was much closer to “talking” than anything she has said to date. Later in the day when I mentioned this to Lanelle, she agreed and said that Cezanne had tried to “talk” to her as well 🙂

January 8, 2007

6 Months Plus

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Well I was putting together a little collection of all the best photos of Cezanne from birth through the end of the year and decided to publish it on the blog as well since it will take me a while to get caught up on the website and get all the December photos as well as the other sections complete.

I added this as a blog page, so click the link to the left under Home and About that reads “6 Month Montage”.

To our fellow new parent bloggers, we love checking your blogs. You inspire us and keep us motivated to keep our blog up-to-date and full of fun posting about things that most must find rather mundane, but when you are in this “special club”, reading about these topics is what we do…

You guys know who you are. Thank You !

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