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December 31, 2006

New Year’s Eve – 2006 comes to a close…

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Cezanne tried on a new outfit for the last day of the year and really enjoyed some of her new toys that she got for Christmas.

dsc_0378.JPG Chilling on the sofa.

dsc_0385.JPG Call me “cutie pie” !

dsc_0396.JPG Playing with my chains…

dsc_0415.JPG I am just beautiful, you can’t deny it can you ?

dsc_0432.JPG Chewing on my Choo Choo !

dsc_0433.JPG I love Christmas !

dsc_0447.JPG Cute as can be.

December 27, 2006

Busy Playing

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I wanted to see just how many images we could fit on our current memory stick and so Cezanne volunteered to “model” for me as I clicked off a total of 145 images of her at play next to our bed.

Here are the best of the session :

dsc_0229.JPG dsc_0256.JPG dsc_0296.JPG dsc_0308.JPG dsc_0310.JPG dsc_0322.JPG

dsc_0323.JPG dsc_0324.JPG dsc_0330.JPG dsc_0339.JPG dsc_0349.JPG

December 25, 2006

Christmas Day

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We had friends & family on Christmas day. Cezanne got all dressed up in her “Scotty Dog” outfit that Lanelle had been savings for this special day. Early in the day we did have a major blowout but due to the 3 layers none made it through on to the fancy dress.

Here are the shots of the day…

Hello Sizers Hello Friends Happy to Meet You

Learning to fly... Ready to crawl...

Playing with Rhiannon Sizer Yes ?

My hedgehog from aunty Gillian Thanks aunty Gillian ! Books = Learning All aboard the animal train !

Up on my knees... Waiting for the train... Tired of waiting...

A Cezanne Christmas

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On Christmas day we had more gifts to open and so Cezanne got stuck in again enjoying each and every one of the gifts she lad left.

dsc_0150.JPG dsc_0153.JPG dsc_0160.JPG dsc_0155.JPG

dsc_0164.JPG dsc_0168.JPG dsc_0169.JPG dsc_0170.JPG

December 24, 2006

Happiness is…

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After all the fun of opening a stack of gifts Cezanne could not have been happier…

dsc_0120.JPG dsc_0132.JPG dsc_0135.JPG dsc_0137.JPG

Cezanne’s First Christmas (Eve)

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Here we start Christmas on the 24th and since it really was all for Cezanne this year we started early on the 24th with some of her gifts. She loved the whole opening gifts thing and was thrilled by the many wonderful new things she discovered in the pretty boxes and packages. With this being her first Christmas and with Ouma & Oupa being here to share it with us we really did spoil the little princess a bit too much 🙂

dsc_0048.JPG dsc_0055.JPG dsc_0059.JPG dsc_0060.JPG dsc_0069.JPG

  dsc_0076.JPG dsc_0083.JPG dsc_0090.JPG dsc_0093.JPG

dsc_0097.JPG dsc_0104.JPG dsc_0109.JPG dsc_0111.JPG


December 23, 2006

D80 Baby !

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After 6 months of frustration with the Digitial Camera we took the plundge and bought a real Digital Camera. From now on all ( with some exceptions from time to time ) the photos posted on the blog and on the web site will have been taken with our new Nikon D80.

The Camera is a Beast and it will take us a while to figure out all the features and settings but just on the “auto” setting the photos are already better.

Happy Cezanne & Mommy A happy Cezanne & Mommy

At the tree... At the tree & ready for Christmas…

Cezanne Are you done taking photos now Dad ?

December 21, 2006

Doctor Law

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Today we went to the Doctor for our 6 month visit.

Cezanne was very happy through most of the check up and really enjoyed the new doctor she saw today, but the visit ended as the last three have, with injections…

She did cry a little but did very well, we were both very proud of her. She is a little trooper !

Her stats at 6 months are:

Length / Height = 26 1/2 inches

Weight = 16lbs 2oz

Head Circumfrence = 41cm

December 20, 2006

Busy Days

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Another couple of busy days around the house.

Hello World Look at me standing on the sofa !

I see you ! Hello Mommy !

Shark Tale Suit 1 Shark Tale Suit 2 Shark Tale Suit 3 Check out my “Shark Tale” Suit from Ouma !

Food Face 1 Food Face 2 I love helping Dad feed me. It just does make quite a mess !

First Sweet Potato More Sweet Potato My first sweet potato / yams and I am not sure I like them…

6 Month Milestone !

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It seems like a lifetime and for Cezanne it actually is a lifetime. 6 months ago today Cezanne Kaelin Lambert entered this world and became a part of our lives and we are very greatful to God for the blessing she has been.

Now on to more specific details, Cezanne put us through one of the longest nights of her life last night ! Not sure what was wrong but both Lanelle and I were up at 2am and then again several times through the night with a crying baby. Based on the blogs of others (Ruth) we are beginning to suspect teething could be the cause of all the fussiness, but we see no actual teeth yet.

Ruth, and others who have gone through this, any advise / suggestions / comfort would be most welcome.


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