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October 1, 2006

Another Photo Update

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Well we think Cezanne is feeling better after having bathed her in special soothing bath soap and rubbing her in with special baby vapor rub and buying her a warm misting humidifier – oh my goodness we sound like over protective attachment parents…

We downloaded the photos from this last week and will now update the website with the lot but these were some of the very best and wanted to share them before we fly off to Florida again early tomorrow morning.

Cezanne Got to taste everything !

Cezanne Cezanne Look at me in my Boppie.

Cezanne Wow ! Look at that !

 CezanneCezanneCezanneCezanneCezanneCezanne In my Bumbo !

Cezanne Just checking you out…

Lanelle & Cezanne Lanelle & Cezanne.


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