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October 9, 2006

September Photo Upload

Filed under: Physical Development — Dad @ 11:26 pm

Hello !

I finally got a few minutes to devote to updating the web site – we now have all of the Cezanne September photos online, please check them out : click here


Also check out the Video Clips section for 2 new clips of Chatty Cezanne, turn up the volume and enjoy !

Cezanne has now not only found her feet but has found out how much fun it is to stick them in her mouth and suck on her big toe. Lanelle and I are both totally grossed out by this but Cezanne seems to think it is a big joke and laughs between the sucks. I guess we can chalk this one up to “Physical Development”.

On the way home from the airport on Friday little Cezanne found her BIG voice and squaked and squeeked all the way home, yes all 45 minutes from the airport until we got home, by which time¬†both Mom & Dad needed to go and lye down after all that “talking”. Looks like she may be a chatty one…

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