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October 31, 2006

Feet for Dinner

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I was in a relatively good mood after my doctor visit and decided to eat my feet for dinner ūüôā

Yummy !! I Eat My Feet Feet for Dinner

Four Month Checkup

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Going to the doctor on Halloween, could it get any worse ?

Well we did very well although our metrics were a little below what we had hoped for. Cezanne’s head is now even smaller than on her last visit in terms of percentiles. Her head circumference is in the 7th percentile but this is no indication of intelligence since she is bright and alert and passed all the tests the doctor put her through.

Her length was also less than we expected and is only in the 60% range while her weight is around 30%. Her full “specs” at this stage are :

Length : 25.5 inches

Weight : 14lbs 7oz

Head Circumference : 40.5 cm

Then it was time for the vaccines, first the oral Rotovirus and then the 4 injections. Cezanne did really well and only cried a little until we put her in her car seat and played with her a bit. The doctor is very happy with her development and had only positive comments.

October 28, 2006

I can feed myself !

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In an effort to satisfy our growing little girl we have had to add a bottle or two to her feeding schedule.

This morning I took a bottle and we fed in the chair in the nursery, but rather than holding the bottle for Cezanne I gave it to her to hold and put in her mouth. She was actually very good at getting it in the mouth and holding onto it for a while. She fed herself a whole bottle and here is the proof…



Sleeping Baby

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Mommy woke up after the early morning nap in the big bed, Cezanne was not quite done napping and so continued to sleep through until late morning.

Big Bed 2 Big Bed 1

October 22, 2006

Busy Baby & Buddy Grant

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What a busy weekend. Gus, Erin & Grant came to visit and we had such a lot of fun catching up and playing with the babies.

Cezanne took a few minutes to enjoy her Exersaucer as can be seen by the following few photos. We have some video as well that will be uploaded to the web site soon…

Exersaucer 1 Exersaucer 2 Exersaucer 3

Grant and I had a great time getting to know one another in my room on the rug. We played and posed for these photos…

Meeting Grant Grant & Cezanne

Then we ended the the weekend with a family photo session…

Family Svendsen Mom, Dad & Cezanne

We really enjoyed seeing the Svendsen trio and hope to see them again soon.

October 21, 2006

Photo Update & Costume Party

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Well after being on the road for the last couple of weeks I finally have a few moments to spare and am updating the website and adding a few quick photo updates to the blog.

Some photos taken at home

Cezanne & Mommy Cezanne Pretty in Pink

A photo of big Grant Tyler (aka Gus¬†& Erin Svendsen’ 5 month old boy). Grant and his parents came to visit us this weekend. We had a lot of fun as we got to know one another up close.


Dress to Chill for my Cradle Talk Costume / Halloween Party. I went as a hot chilli pepper and I flirted my way to 3rd place in the best costume competition. I won a book and a set of stackable cups which I plan to enjoy very soon !

Red Pepper In the Cart Funny Girl Daddy & Cezanne

October 20, 2006

Four Months !

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Happy Happy Birthday Cezanne !

4 months old today – what a happy, healthy easy baby you are !

Hugs & Kisses from Mom & Dad.

We had a nice lazy day sleeping late and hanging out with friends Gus, Erin & Grant from California and now Florence, South Carolina.

October 12, 2006

First Snow

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Today was Cezanne’s first snow. It was also the earliest measurable snowfall in the Chicago area accompanied by¬†unseasonably low temperatures that nearly match an 89-year-old record for Oct. 12

Both Cezanne & Mom actually ventured out in this unseasonal cold weather to take on some serious shopping.

October 9, 2006

September Photo Upload

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Hello !

I finally got a few minutes to devote to updating the web site – we now have all of the Cezanne September photos online, please check them out : click here


Also check out the Video Clips section for 2 new clips of Chatty Cezanne, turn up the volume and enjoy !

Cezanne has now not only found her feet but has found out how much fun it is to stick them in her mouth and suck on her big toe. Lanelle and I are both totally grossed out by this but Cezanne seems to think it is a big joke and laughs between the sucks. I guess we can chalk this one up to “Physical Development”.

On the way home from the airport on Friday little Cezanne found her BIG voice and squaked and squeeked all the way home, yes all 45 minutes from the airport until we got home, by which time¬†both Mom & Dad needed to go and lye down after all that “talking”. Looks like she may be a chatty one…

October 5, 2006

Eating Socks

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Today we had a lot of fun at bath time trying to pull our socks off. The pictures are just not good enough due to the poor light in the room at night, so go check the video clip on page 6 of the video clips page on our web site : click here

Not only did we try pull our socks off but we were very very loud while doing so – check the video ūüôā

Cezanne Cezanne Cezanne


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