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September 28, 2006


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Our little baby has a blocked nose and now “snores” while sleeping. It sounds terrible but is also very very funny to watch a sleeping baby and hear her “snore”.

We have tried to clean out the nostrils as best we can because she is still too small to understand the concept of “blowing the nose”.

Poor little girl.

Mom is also a little ill so I have 2 girls needing extra special attention.

September 25, 2006

Gifts Arrive & We Play !

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While this weekend was a washout for Mom & Dad, Cezanne has now really developed the ability to play. She is now able to hold on to and swat at and chew things within her reach.

Cezanne Chewing Chains Cezanne at Play

We also got 2 packages this week from family, thanks ! A beautiful blanket from the Farm Family and some jerseys from Grandma Nicky. Here she is wearing one…

Cezanne's new jersey ! 


September 20, 2006

Three Month Milestone

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I am blogging from my cell phone while awaiting my dinner more than a 1000 miles away from our little beauty who has made it to 3 months. I certainly can’t believe she made it nor can I believe that we made it. Time sure does fly – we better start planning for college and a wedding, they now feel like they could be right around the corner…

So no photos or a long blog today. More when I get home…

September 17, 2006

Photo Update

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Well we had a quite weekend and I was working on the website updating and catching up. We have some of the video clips uploaded so check out Cezanne’s section on our website.

Here are some of the photos from Florida and at home during this week :

Cezanne Cezanne Cezanne in Florida.

Cezanne Cezanne Cezanne Cezanne Cezanne Cezanne “Gangsta Girl” – dressed for her “Graduation” from Cradle Talk.

September 15, 2006

First Real Laugh !

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Mom just called me upstairs to hear the first real laugh. Not those fake moans when she smiles but a real chuckle from the belly 🙂

 Mom had Cezanne on her lap and was teaching her about her feet and toes. Cezanne seems to think toes in the mouth is a really funny game because she laughed out load each time Mom tried to put Cezanne’s toes in Cezanne’s mouth. It was very very cute.

 My cell phone failed me and crashed while taking a movie of this so we will try again and will then post it for you all to enjoy !

September 13, 2006

Home Again

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We flew back from Florida last night so Cezanne could “graduate” her Cradle Talk class today. It also just happens to be our wedding anniversary. It took us 9 years to get here 🙂

Also a special CONGRATULATIONS to Gavin & Christina who gave birth to a healthy baby boy last night while we were flying home. You can check out their blog which I am sure will have more details soon. http://babyharvett.blogspot.com/

Gavin just informed me that they have a special blog for Baby Aiden – http://aidenharvett.blogspot.com/

September 10, 2006

Vocal Check – Voice Found

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It seems that Cezanne has found her voice, this morning she woke up at about 6:30am and wanted to chat. We wrapped her up and put back the dummy and got her back to sleep.

She woke up again at about 7:30am but this time she was awake and ready for the day. We tried putting her down next to us in bed which has worked in the past, but today she just would not go back to sleep and “talked” to us telling us all sorts of stories. She was very animated and we had a very good laugh at her.

We now wonder if this is going to become a routine ? Stay tuned…

September 9, 2006

Atlantis Launch

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A combination of bad weather and a bad sensor delayed the launch to today which allowed us to take a spur of the moment trip up the Florida coast to witness one of the worlds most amazing events – the launch of the Space Shuttle.

We were also delayed by a very serious traffic accident but then I put my foot down trying to make up lost time. We were also thrown off by a 40 minute hold pattern in the launch sequence, but made it to within about 60 miles of the launch site. We drove out to the beach in the town of Sebastian and joined a small group of spectators with about 5 minutes to launch.

Cezanne slept through much of the trip but did wake up for photos of the smoke trails left by Atlantis.

Awesome ! Check another thing off the life list.

Liftoff Atlantis Into Space Mom & Atlantis Smoke Trails Dad & Atlantis Smoke Trails

Photos above showing official NASA photo and our own and then Mom & Dad and the smoke trails left behind after lift off.

Here is the last snip from the NASA Launch Blog :

11:23 a.m. – Main Engine Cut-Off and jettison of the external tank! Atlantis has reached orbit. Commander Brent Jett confirms a good separation. As the ET falls away it will be photographed.

11:22 a.m. – 7 minutes and 20 seconds into the flight.

11:21 a.m. – A little less than two and a half minutes of powered flight remaining. Atlantis has been told to “press to MECO” which means Atlantis could reach a safe orbit on two engines but all three are working fine.

11:20 a.m. – Atlantis is 65 statute miles downrange from the Kennedy Space Center.

11:16 a.m. – Mission-elapsed time two minutes, five seconds and Atlantis’ twin solid rocket boosters have separated successfully.

Atlantis has rolled back to a heads-up position now as it soars toward orbit.

11:14:55 a.m. – LIFTOFF!!! 3…2…1…and liftoff of Space Shuttle Atlantis…opening a new chapter in the completion of the International Space Station…for the future of collaboration of nations in space.

11:13 a.m. – T- 2 minutes The Shuttle Atlantis crew has been advised to close and lock the visors on their launch-and-entry helmets.

T-16 seconds The launch pad’s Water Sound Suppression System begins flooding the Mobile Launcher Platform with 300,000 gallons of water. The system protects the shuttle and its payloads from any damage cause by energy generated during launch.

T- 10 seconds Flares ignite under Atlantis’ three main engines and burn away any residual hydrogen that may have collected near the main engine nozzles.

September 7, 2006

Rolling Over Regularly

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I know we already posted that Cezanne rolled over, but she did it again today and this time with great style.

She now seems to be mastering this new skill and we look forward to more !

September 4, 2006

Really Rolled Over (3 times)

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She did it for real. Mom had her doing tummy time and she rolled onto her back. We put her back on the tummy and she rolled over again. Just to make sure this was the real thing we made her show us one more time that she could now roll over !

Rolling Over  Rolled Over

What proud parents we are.

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