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December 30, 2012

The end of 2012

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We ended this year much like we started it – with a day at the beach – even though we live more than 90 minutes drive from the coast we just had to get out of the house again since the sun was out and we needed to show off more of the beauty of California to my visiting parents.

This time we headed to Capitola, another favorite beach with a great eatery on the beach serving calamari and fries which was yet again, outstanding !

The beach looked very different today – possibly due to high tide or all the rains we had received, the beach was covered in pebbles and the landscape on the beach was quite different from when we visited earlier in the year.


As you can see we had an awesome time and Cezanne and Lanelle went about collecting sea glass that turned out to be quite a treasure hunt and something quite competitive between mother and daughter.

December 27, 2012

Sun at last !

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After so many rainy days stuck in the house we got a nice sunny day and jumped at the chance to get out and show off some of San Francisco.

We took our guests to Baker Beach, one of our favorite beaches for some views of Golden Gate Bridge.



Cezanne and Etienne both had a great time as they always do despite it being a bit chilly.

December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012

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Santa did visit us ! He brought presents !


First though he left Cezanne a note explaining some of his choices for her this year.


These included her own “movie camera” so that she can film things like Des from Austin & Ally.

Her wonderful loving parents bought her a microphone / karaoke system which she immediately setup and used to perform some of her favorite current hits. She also now goes by the name “Taylor Swift” from time to time when it suites her…


Later we all sat down to a family meal with our guests from so far away. My parents visiting from South Africa !!

December 24, 2012

Santa Sighting !

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The excitement was just getting to be a bit much so I sent the kids out into the yard to clean up their toys and make a landing zone for Santa and his reindeer.


While they were out there they spread the reindeer food they had prepared for the expected visitors and while doing so we spotted Santa on approach !


Do you see him ?

Pink Country

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While waiting for Santa on Christmas Eve we were entertained by a couple of strange characters, one in particular was the following Pink Country Singer…


Cezanne got a Build-A-Bear for Christmas from Grandma and Grandpa – here she is with “Cookie”.


December 16, 2012

Tea with Granny

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While Etienne, Dad and Grandpa left with Colin and Liam for a day out with Thomas the tank engine, Cezanne and Granny had tea !


December 15, 2012

Santa @ Dublin Firestation & Gingerbread Decoration

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Last year our local fire station hosted Santa and invited residents to stop by and take a photo with the old guy for a small donation. This year they expanded their advertising campaign and were overwhelmed by visitors. The weather was pretty poor though but still a pretty good crowd turned out to support the fire station and get an early glimpse of Santa.


After the fun at the fire station we needed to get our gingerbread houses decorated for the holiday season and this year we decided to give each child a house to decorate.

December 13, 2012

Tricky Elf

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Cezanne was quite upset when we discovered that we got a rather busy little elf this year, last year the “elf on the shelf” just sat there and kept an eye on the kids and reported back to Santa each night and then returned to a new spot each day. This year our elf was a real trickster, he tried to catch the fish in our fish tank, then he fished for goldfish in the toilet and made a snow angel in sugar. Cezanne really did not like him very much when she caught him writing a letter to Santa saying that she and Etienne had been naughty ! 😉

November 27, 2012

Officially a Daisy

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Cezanne and the rest of her troop ( 33222 ) at their ceremony where their troop leader ( Mrs Harrison ) awarded them with their Daisy pins and they all earned their first petal.


The happy troop and the crazy troop !

November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

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At home with the family having our Thanksgiving feast. Cezanne and Etienne each made Thanksgiving place mats to eat from.

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